Thomas Nelson review-His Name is Jesus

I have read several “little kid” books by Max Lucado, and really enjoyed his parallels to real life situations along with Christian themes. I especially liked how in this book not only did he share different stories from the life of Jesus Christ, but also included beautiful photography and fonts to look at.
A couple parts that I really enjoyed are how he helped me understand once again how Jesus Christ can be a personal Savior for each of us. I especially liked his telling of when Jesus calmed the seas and the woman who touched his robe, favorite scripture stories of mine. I also liked how he asks poignant questions that made me think what would I do in this situation.
Though some of the theology of Lucado I don’t agree with, overall, I found this book moving and especially beautiful to read. I read it in a couple of days so it’s an easy book to read in a couple of hours, or to just take little “sections” or even one story at a time to think more deeply about.
Overall, this story increased my love for my Savior Jesus Christ and made me think harder on how I can have a better relationship with Him.


Family pictures

These are a bit late in posting, but that appears to be how I am in the blog world.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we went to Idaho since for forever we have been wanting to get updated "family" pictures on my side of the family. Here are a few of our favorite results. Trying to capture Collin's little smile was challenging.
Trying to capture Ava in general to stay for the picture was more challenging.
Getting Sadee to hold Collin, no challenge :)
Collin with his daddy.
I love this picture, if only for the blueness of his eyes.
What is Collin studying so intently?
Gotta love that little tongue...
There's the tongue again! But we want to see those little toothers...
YEAH! Finally!


Collin updates

Today is the day... we see Collin "real crawl" for the first time. Granted, I know some babies are walking at this point, but for the last couple of weeks he has really been scooting around and army crawling and so this was SO exciting! This week I'm sure he is really going to take off. YEAH COLLIN! Another thing fun to report is whenever Collin is upset, or tired or whatever, there is one picture we bring him to that brings a smile to his face.
Can you guess? It's an almost four-year-old picture.
Yes, it's off his parents on their wedding day. I don't blame him. We did look hot :)

The "new" green face

So, my niece Ava (3.5 years old) a couple of years ago was TOTALLY into this thing called the green face. She had watched The Wizard of Oz and I think for some reason she was imitating the wicked witch.
This week, Collin's new thing is his "green face". Pictures just can't capture it, but it's there. He does it exactly like Ava. It is too hilarious.



I haven't posted for awhile. Just a lack of time and priorities I guess.
Tonight I realized once again just how much I am grateful for my hubby.
#1. He always helps me give Collin a bath. It's just not the same when he isn't there to splash Collin. I can't do it quite the same and Collin notices.
#2. He knows all the words to Puff the Magic Dragon, sometimes the only thing that calms Collin down.
#3. I never take the garbage out. I actually had to ask my husband if it was a "recycle" week or not.
#4. Collin gets basically any bottle for the most part from his daddy and even though I supply the goods in the bottle, I'm not as good at getting it down the throat.
#5. Most of all, I know Collin misses him and so do I!

Love you sweetie!


Mad scientist

Let's say Collin has FINALLY turned a corner, for the most part, in eating real food. He loves bananas, his little puffs, avocado and stage two of prunes and apples and strawberry/apple/banana. We are still working on the vegetables. The other night, here is us at dinnertime.
It was too funny, because up until now, Collin hasn't really put his sticky fingers into his hair....until this night.
Can we just say mad scientist anyone? Seriously....these pictures DO NOT do his hair justice. It looked the craziest it has ever done, and of course, it's RED! Hello, why does the red always surprise me in my hair and Collin's hair in pictures. Of course I know we have red hair, but it always surprises me.
Good thing we headed straight to the bath. Don't you love the onesie that is huge on him? :)