Dumpsters and painted pants

 This summer the dumpsters came. For little boys who love watching the plain garbage/recycle trucks, this was HEAVEN! Several big trucks came along to lift the full dumpsters onto the truck.
 I had to convince my kids we were NOT going to watch every single dumpster get lifted on my street. They were running down the street to see all of the trucks.

 Needless to say it was a big event.
Don't you love Liam's painted pants? This happened when I tried to have a 10 minute conversation with a friend. Blessedly, he didn't get on any carpet or chair, so I guess you could say he stayed in the lines? It was on his legs for awhile......

Tracy Aviary

 I had been wanting to take the kids to the aviary for quite awhile.... because they love the bird show at the zoo so much. They didn't like it quite as much as I was thinking, but it was still a fun family night activity.
 Trying to get both kiddos to look and smile at the camera is a challenge these days.
 Liam loved the peacock.
 They had a fun treehouse in the owl section. It really was beautiful to walk around.

Karate party

 Our cousin Kyle invited us to his karate party and so Ryan took the boys over.
 They had some fun bounce houses.

 And they got to eat pizza. That's always good. Thanks for the invite Kyle!