Liam is 3 months old!

Today Liam turns 3 months old. He celebrated by rolling over when I wasn't looking! This pic was from 2 days ago, all cute and ready for church...and before the blowout!
Yeah Liam, we are so glad you are in our family! Sorry the picture wouldn't right itself!

First bike ride of 2011

I have been wanting to take Collin on a bike ride this spring for ....forever. FINALLY the weather cooperated last Saturday when Ryan was home and could stay with Liam. This kid LOVES to be on the bike....he had to get all his gear on.

He looked so cute.... gotta love him all decked out.
Granted, I really need to get back in gear with the bike rides. Ryan adjusted me seat so it feels much better....but still, the hills (okay, slight inclines) in our neighborhood makes me realize it's been awhile for this preggo mama since she rode a bike.

After, Collin refused to take his helmet off.

A little later that afternoon I found him trying to get his own helmet on while we cook. Collin loves to cook with me. Can't tell you how many times a day I hear that chair scraping the tiles of our kitchen floor :)

My new love

Over the last couple of months, I have discovered a new love. Cooking and baking. Being in the kitchen. Granted, with two little kiddos, I don't get to do as much as I wanted (Why didn't I discover this love back when it was just Ryan and I I ask?) but last week I finally made a decent homemade pizza. I have made homemade pizza before, of course, but this one the crust actually turned out and it looked worthy of a picture.
Plus, I'm SO excited to try out all our garden veggies this summer on different versions of pizza.

Random cousin pics

These were just some more fun pics from Idaho. Sadee absolutely LOVED Liam..."I love Collin too Alisa, but I have seen him a lot. I need to hold Liam now." She was a great little helper.... and entertainer. LOVES Sadee!

Had to get a picture with the tangled hair. Love that hair.

Avaholding Liam.

Collin wanted a picture then...once again, I always seem to get a picture that fits everyone's personalities to a T.

We are so silly!


Our last visit to Idaho, Sadee and Ava were DYING (did I mention how many times you can hear the word Leo's in a day?) to take Collin and Liam to Leo's. I had never been either, and granted, the food is okay, but the best part for Collin were these little toys you could ride on. This super nice random grandma gave us some leftover tokens. I knew Collin would be fine just sitting on them....

but once he knew they could move? He was in heaven.

The spaceship one was very cool. Two people could sit in it...if you are squished :)

Of course we had to ride the bulldozer...

But Collin loved the train....what can I say? He LOVES trains.

Sadee liked the motorcycle. She looks so big...

Thanks for letting us come. Liam...he just hung out in the car seat. They also had this massive slide Collin got to go down "by myself" and he thought he was all that.