Kitchen remodel part 6 the lighting and floor start going in

 We have really improvised in cooking meals at our house for the last several weeks. One morning I made yogurt parfaits for breakfast....totally made me think back to San Juan area of the mission...ate one of these (on a plate instead) EVERY day for 5 months for breakfast.
 Yes, we wear Liam's pjs because they are Batman.
 Bald eagle face.
 The"dreamy" cabinet goes in. This was a joyful moment in the remodel for me.
 Eventually this will be a partial pantry so I don't have to climb up the stairs to the pantry quite as often.
 Sconz (I'm sure that's spelled wrong) lighting goes on the table wall.
 And the floor starts going in!

 Beautiful dreamy cabinet with the dreamy floor :) No more gross yucky grout and tile that is yucky and gross. Can you tell I hated our tile?
 Liam wanted to always help put the floor in.
 Pendant lights go in over the island. This is going to be one awesomely bright kitchen.

 Floor...more of it. I was obsessed with picture taking to document the stages, sorry folks.

 We also stayed up late this week painting the living room. LOVE the fridge in our living room :)

The painting is close to done, again a very late few nights.

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