Evelyn's MRI appointment

 Yesterday, I took Evelyn in to get her first MRI to see if they can find out anything about her right hand. She couldn't eat solids since the night before, and she had to be done nursing at 830 am since she was going to be sedated. She was so hungry.
 This doesn't quite show the whole sadness, but she actually took the pacifier for a bit. She was screaming most of the time. but the sweet sedation nurse's name was Evelyn too :)

 A smile for daddy in the camera. She was slightly better when I could hold her.
 Her pink foot :) This is the foot where her IV went in. It was a little bit emotional for me to see her go back in the machine, and she fought the first medicine, so they had to give her the second but then she eventually went to sleep.
 She is in recovery. She looks like a nun/or an angel her daddy said.
 It was so sweet to see her so snuggly and relaxed. It's been since she was a newborn that she has been like this. She is not a big sleeper during the day so it was sweet.
 It's so hard to wake up!
 Slept on the ride home.
 Getting back to my normal self.
By nine pm, she was jumping around again, so I think most of the sedation had worn off. Granted, she woke up at 415 today :) but I think she did great!

Quick trip to Idaho

 Evelyn hanging out on the bathroom floor
 Just took a quick scan of Collin's spring kindergarten pictures. Oh I love this growing older boy with short hair :)
 We went up to Idaho for Sadee's Wizard of Oz play, her birthday party, and Ava's gymnastic display. We couldn't get any pictures of the play, and the gymnastics I had to hold Evelyn the whole time, but the party we got a few. Check out Evelyn the security guard with her pink glasses. She wasn't a fan at first.

 I dipped chocolate covered strawberries and those were a HUGE hit.
 It was a red carpet party so it was all fancy fancy.
 Learning to like the glasses a bit more.

 Girl bomb!
 Evelyn didn't sleep great up in Idaho, but Grandpa finally got her to sleep in his arm for awhile.
 This is a super funny picture to me. Evelyn's parachute pants can apparently be a whole outfit. She is Hollywood!
Rainbow baby.

First zoo night for 2015

 One of my favorite and our families' favorite things to do in the summer is zoo nights. The zoo stays open until 9pm for members on a couple nights a month, and the first one was a week or so ago. It's much cooler and less crowded than during the day in the summer. Ryan's meeting got cancelled so he got to come with us! This summer they also have dinosaurs at the zoo, which I knew the boys would LOVE! They moved and made sounds. It was pretty cool. And the weather was really nice.

 These were baby dinosaurs hatching out of the eggs..

 Evelyn studying the lions.
 The new zoo maps showed where the dinosaurs were located. The boys love the maps.
 This one sprayed water.
 There is a new baby arugatan. He is so little, only a little bit bitter than Evelyn :)
 Climbing the dinosaur.

 Hunting for fossils

 It will be great fun to go back!

 And one thing the kids love is they get to change into their jammers at the zoo. How cool is that?