Brigham City Temple open house

 The last day of August we met Grandma and Sadee and Ava at Brigham City to go to the temple open house.
 It was a very pretty temple and Collin had lots of questions. Liam's favorite part inside were the white circle windows. Collin liked the staircases best I think.

 Of course a family picture with not everyone smiling is necessary....

 Love Liam's hair blowing in the wind.
 Collin doing his own thing!
I like this picture of Sadee and Ava.

Day 3 Idaho in August-the races

 We somehow got into an Olympic Spirit up in Idaho and one afternoon ran races around my parents yard. I swear those kids ran at least a mile that day.
 It was a huge deal...
 Once we started running races, they didn't want to stop. We timed everyone. Sadee was the fastest one time, but Auntie Kari was by far the fastest even on her slow runs.
 Liam discovered a new cupboard to climb into. No fear here.

DAy 2 Idaho in August

 We played A LOT outside today.
 We made sidewalk chalk drawings.
 Liam had a hay day riding this big wheel....or attempting to.

 The kiddos also made this ELABORATE bookstore downstairs.
 Seriously, they played this for a couple of hours.

 You name the type of kids book, they had it. Prices and everything.
It brought back memories of pretend things I played with my cousins. Family Emergency Center anyone?

Day 1 Idaho in August

 We got to go up and help babysit Sadee and Ava for a week in August. Liam was some killer sword fighter here.

 We LOVE Pinterest for helping us find fun kid projects. It's always a big deal "doing the projects". This day we attempted glow in the dark fairies in a jar....
 It didn't QUITE turn out as expected, but it was still really cool. And they did glow in the dark for awhile.

 We also made elephant toothpaste. Can you tell Sadee is a bit nervous?

 Whoa..... it's foaming!

I think they had more fun playing with the toothpaste afterwards :)

Random August pictures

 This picture is just proof that sometimes my kitchen counter can be partially cleaned off once every couple of months.
 We got family pictures taken at Wheeler Farm in September....these are some I took of Collin.

 Playing at the park with a friend..... we LOVE this park by our house.

Collin's first bike

 For Collin's birthday, we got him a bike....granted, we have a LONG ways to go....
 I think he was half scared for a few minutes, but hopefully little by little....
 I don't expect him to be able to ride by himself anytime soon, but it will be fun.

 Liam loved running alongside the bike.

August at Discovery Museum

 Collin got a free entrance to Discovery for his birthday month, so we took the boys one day in August.... they always have SO much fun here.
 Collin loves the mailman playing
 and the horse the most.
 Liam loved the horse and the car/truck you can sit in.

 We ate lunch outside by the helicopter. That was fun!

Hope to see you again soon Discovery!