Collin's first cub country June 2017

 Bow and arrow shooting

 Lunchtime with Dad!
 I think this is the obstacle course.

 The den

 Bee bee gun shooting :)

Cute June pictures and Adeline shrine

 One of the first smiles I got from Adeline.
 Boys built a fort for their sister. This picture makes me laugh. Just like the darth vader one they did when Evelyn was small.

 Trying to get a Sunday picture.

 Breakfast time.
 Sunday pictures trying to capture Adeline's smile.

Summer fun begins!

 So we try to do a fun little activity each day, mostly in the morning, then have down time in the afternoon. One day we had to bring our cousin Grace down to EFY and Adeline was dying to eat, so we stopped right at the Swig by BYU campus. I told the kids if they cooperated they could get a treat. Boys chose a fancy soda and Evelyn a cookie. They thought it was so cool they had a couch in the store.
 Evelyn picks her own clothes. This is intense. First zoo night of the summer season!
 They have a huge bug thing this summer and climbing on these ladybugs is a highlight each time we go.

 Playing at lunch at the park.
 Going to the lunch at the school since the one by us nobody liked the food.
 Free day at This is the Place. SUPER busy but super fun. Boys got shaves.

 Climbing up by the Native American Area.
 Adeline got to break out her jungle play mat this week for tummy time.

End of school celebrations and fun

 When we came to Liam's end-of-year kindergarten testing, here is Evelyn. Apparently she is all ready for kindergarten too. This is all she said the whole time. "I do my homework here mom".
 The jump a thon at gymnastics was a huge hit!
 Since Liam didn't have kindergarten the week of end-of-year testing, we met cousins up at This is the Place Park since he has been wanting to go there forever. Mining for gold. Evelyn LOVED getting wet.

 Plowing the fields. Liam LOVED beating the rug. He told me that would have been his favorite chore.

 Going to school. Evelyn climbed right up on the big chairs next to these big boys.
 Adeline does tummy time.

 Collin won an award in second great for academic excellence. And they sang some fun songs. I even saw Collin singing!