Disco and snow

 Sadee and Ava got a huge disco ball for Christmas. Is this not the biggest disco light party you have ever seen?

 This does NOT do it justice, but they had a disco party thing and Liam would shoot his shooter thing but his face was hilarious. He would hilarious laugh as the ball shot out and then intense furrowed brow to have enough power to make it shoot out. He can shoot it out fine, but it took some getting used to. The pictures don't do it justice, it was HILARIOUS!

 This is the most snow we have seen all winter. It has been crazy. Like two inches. My boys have worn snow suits once. It is the weirdest winter ever. This was the day after Christmas.

They have been so sad, not even enough snow at home to build a snowman. It's like spring weather here!

Christmas Day 2014

 Again out out of order, but isn't this headband from Grandma so fun! And her outfit came from Auntie Brianne. She is in style!

 Ninja Collin.

Apparently, I slacked in getting pictures of Liam Christmas morning. He must have been running around too fast :) But we had a wonderful Christmas! Okay, so I'm not the slacker mom, here is opening stockings. Star Wars vitamins were a big hit.

Avenger boy checking out presents (aka Liam).

Christmas Eve 2014

 These pictures are out of order, and trying to get five people to smile and look at the camera at once is historically never going to happen in our family :)
 The big party was at Grandma and Grandpa's this year. And apparently, the boys wear pajamas after awhile to the big party. Oh this is so our life.

 I had about a zillion outtakes of Evelyn in her Christmas outfit. The hat didn't quite fit due to big head syndrome (though she doesn't have it as bad as her brothers).

 Same thing with three kiddos. Zillion outtakes for all three good smiles.

 Liam loved petting Collin and Brianne's little dog Cougar.

 The elves brought the boys LEGOS!
Evelyn got a fun washing bathtub toy. You can tell she was super excited as well :)

Week of Christmas pics

 The Walkers gave the boys for Christmas this SUPER COOL train table. They helped Ryan put it together.

 Whole family at Temple Square.

 Christmas Evelyn.

 We got to see Grandpa O'Berry for a night before we went to Idaho. It was really fun to see him and give him his presents!

 And he got to meet Evelyn for the first time :)