Water fun

Fourth of July

 Up at Brighton for the parade. Huge candy haul.

 Brandon was so nice to help Evelyn get candy.
 Pyromaniacs once again. We actually bought fireworks for the first time this year! It still amazes me how far the boys have come from hating fireworks to loving them. Evelyn hated them of course. So I brought the girls home early.

Adeline's blessing weekend, July 1-2, 2017

 The Sintays and Grandpa O'Berry were in town this weekend so we had lots of fun times around Adeline's blessing. Building Eric's rocket and shooting it off.

 Posing for the camera?

 Finally! All people are looking at camera and smiling! A miracle!

 Cousin with Grandpa picture.

Evelyn's daddy date and we finish the BOM as a family

 Evelyn waiting for the Taylorsville Dayzz parade to start. She LOVES this M&M outfit. Lamentations if it is ever in the laundry, which is pretty much every other day :)
 She got to go on a daddy date. She chose to wear her m&m outfit. And when Ryan asked her what she wanted to do she said "go get candy. Chocolate candies!" Pretty simple if you asked me.
 Right before the date she decided she wanted fries too. So stop off to get fries first. And of course...
 had to play in the play place.
 Ryan took her to the candy store at Gardner Village. This picture says it all.

 She also got fairy kisses from a fairy.
 Also in June our family celebrated finishing the Book of Mormon finally after reading for five years. Kiddos chose Arctic Circle where everyone got to choose their own treat!
 Adeline didn't care for the treats.

 Liam set the table like this one day. He was so proud.
 Hanging out. Adeline now has figured out how to get up on her side.