Fun random August pictures

 Collin went to his first den meeting. He is very excited about Scouts. He looked so grown-up to me here.
 Garden finally started producing.
 Boys got their own bookshelf in their room.
 We had Lego building Olympic night one of the many nights we watched Olympics. We LOVE Olympics. It was trickier to watch once school started but we made the diving boards one night.

 Evelyn is looking and acting more like a two-year-old every day.
We went to a totally different park the last day before school started for lunch at the park. Boys loved it! They had hamburgers!

Collin turns 8

 I took the kiddos in the afternoon so Collin could get his very own ice cream at Coldstone. He chose cotton candy with gummy bears. Nothing changes with this kid.
 Then we went to the Lego store and he spent his birthday money on a Star Wars lego set. He was SO SO excited and had been looking at this set for so long.
 Ryan took the boys to an arcade to play arcade games as part of Collin's choice of birthday celebration. I took Evelyn to the goodwill and we read books since I knew she wasn't going to do well at the arcade :)
 Collin got a bionicle present and he built it fast.

 He also designed and made his own cake.

 Serious sugar overload but Collin loved it. I have decided kids designing their own cake is the easiest thing ever.
 Opening presents.

 A Harry Potter blanket! Besides Legos, Collin's other obsession is Harry Potter.

 Here are some pictures from the arcade. The boys loved it.


Johnson 2016 Montana reunion

We went to Hamilton Montana. Very in the middle of nowhere. Walking the dirt road.
Going in the Razor.

Hanging on the deck and getting ready to do marshmallows.
Playing in the store next to the cafe we ate lunch at in Missoula. This store owner was AWESOME!

Lots of pictures riding the carausel.

After a razor ride you get dusty.
Everyone minus Ryan who couldn't get work off.