Advent calendar fun

 So one of our advent calendars was to get to go to IN N OUT for dinner and right after go to the Christmas in Color light show. My kids raved about that last year and that was one of the things they for sure wanted to do this year. Night time events are very challenging for us for a variety of reasons, but this was fun. Plus apparently on rainy days they have free hot cocoa for kids at In n Out. SCORE!

 We also went to Nativity in the Glen one night. I have been wanting to do this for years, but due to babies, etc., schedules never been able to. Ryan got off work a little early and we made it there. It's quite a busy place and it was totally freezing, but it was worth it. It really made me think of the Savior this season. Not sure I would want to repeat it for a few years (too hard with four little kiddos), but it was cool.

 Building advent Lego pieces.

Oh and a few days before Adeline turned 8 months old, this happened. She pulls herself up to stand on EVERYTHING now! Holy smokes baby!


First week of December pictures

 Cleaning the counter before family Christmas movie night.
 The advent calendar from the O'Berry cousins was a big hit.

 So was hanging out in the sleigh.

 Evelyn had hard hard therapy this month.
 Collin and I went out on our kid date. He wanted to go to Fresh Market to buy his own Takis from his own money and go to a pizza place.
 Yes that is a dill pickle on his pizza.

 LOVE LOVE this pose of Adeline.

 Evelyn being silly.

 Trying to look cool.

Christmas clothes are supposed to make going to church easier :) ha ha.

Week of Thanksgiving 2017 basically

 Ryan took the day off the day before Thanksgiving and we took the kiddos to the zoo in the am. Look at that weather with just jackets!

 Adeline LOVED the zoo.
 And this started happening a few days before Thanksgiving. As I write this post, she now can pull herself up to stand. She is a mover and a shaker!
 We went to Trolly Square to see Santa.

 Adeline actually studied Santa.

 Playing video games at the Barnhisels with cousins.

 High chair silliness.
 Who are these handsome guys?

 Adeline playing with Auntie Erin at Thanksgiving. Of course she goes for the earring.

 Apparently Sam going for her head didn't work out.
 Deep sleep in Auntie Shanna's basement.
 Collin visit with Santa.
 Putting up the Christmas tree.