Mother's Day weekend 2013

 This must be getting to be an annual picture taking event. Collin taking a picture in front of the pumpkin patch. We should do that as a growth picture.
 We also started our summer tradition, Friday night floats (root beer floats) but it was on Saturday night this week.

 In Primary, one of the counselors helped the Jr. Primary make the cutest little cookie flower basket. It was hilarious to hear all the kids' comments. Collin's? "Mom, you can't eat this until after I eat it". He was totally serious.
 I'm wondering how many mamas actually got to eat their gift. It was such a nice low key Mother's Day. The best part of the weekend? Liam took a 4 hour nap on Saturday (he won't take naps for me anymore even though he still needs them) so I got LOTS done....

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