Santa baby

Last weekend, for our ward Christmas party, we put Collin in this little Santa outfit. Granted, it was a little small, and it only lasted on him for an hour... But everyone was calling him Santa Baby at the party. He's a toddler, but still a cute Santa baby :)

Collin's latest pastime with books

Collin has ALWAYS loved to read books. Lately he is obsessed with holding a book out to you that he wants you to read. And if you don't read the right book, he knows it. He knows which book he is pointing too. It's too funny. He has also discovered his bookshelf. I'm not sure what he enjoys more, reading books or pulling them all off the shelf.
Mom, I LOVE this! Note, that book What are you so Grumpy About? Best little kids book that I love to read. It is funny, and we read it MANY times a day.


We love hats

Recently, Collin and I got to wear hats on the same day. He REALLY likes his Cougar hat. Now he finally doesn't pull it off quite as much.

I love my bowtie!

Thanks to his Auntie Shanna, Collin got to wear his first tie to church today. Talk about HANDSOME! I was SO in love with this little guy this morning.
Smile Collin! He already has the squinty eye grin down.

Montana Thanksgiving

We made a trip to Montana for Thanksgiving to visit Ryan's sister.
Collin LOVED playing with his cousins. He got to be a cowboy with Audrey.
A family photo the day after Thanksgiving.
While we were there, Grace got baptized. She asked me to give the baptism talk, which was my first ever. Congrats Grace!

Spikes and cookies

I love little boys with spikes. Collin's hair is a little too long for that, but here is an attempt. Mom, don't take a picture of my haid, I'll just squint my eyes instead.
And here is a cookie that Auntie Kari gave Collin without his mommy knowing.
Man, he POUNDED that cookie. Bring on the chocolate!

Hanging out

A recent hang out session, once Collin learned to climb up on the chair.

Collin as a grandpa

So, a month or so ago, we pulled some of Collin's pants up so they fit him... And how hilarious is this? Hello Grandpa Collin!