Playing at the Park

 While Ava was at gymnastics and Sadee was at running club, we went to this fun park nearby. It was relatively brand new and had some fun new things to do.

 Collin checking out the swings.

 Tried to work with Evelyn's hand on the braille machine.

 Music section.

 Watching for Sadee to come back from running class.

Hot tubbing in Idaho

 We went up to Idaho for a few days and check out my sister's neighbor's raspberry patch! He doesn't use any so they get to pick them, and I even got a huge bowl! I need a patch like this. AWESOME! no real take up space. I'm trying to figure out how we could get that at our house :)
 Getting ready to go in the hot tub.

Oh how I love this picture of my sister lovin on Evelyn.

 The face above is FOREVER how I will remember Sadee as tween.

Blue eyes

 Evelyn gets tons of compliments on her blue eyes. They are extremely blue, but these pictures really showed her blue eyes. Warm summer day on the grass.

 And how can you not love bright flowers?

 Evelyn doing her exercises on the lawn to help her hand. She was on this position screaming her head off and I kept telling her just move that right hand/arm Evelyn. She hasn't quite figured it out yet....
This is how Evelyn reads at the library. She pulled all these off the shelf with her left hand. I was hoping her right hand would catch on but not yet.

Attempt at back yard camping

 Friday night the girls visited everyone wanted to sleep oustide in the tent. So we get it all organized...

 And then some people got too scared so then we all had to sleep inside. It was a very late night.


 One of the things the girls wanted to do while visiting was go to Leatherbys. They remembered it from last time they were here. We LOVE that we can walk there!

 And wow can we pound ice cream!


Utah snow cone day

 Evelyn has a new favorite spot. Right here pulling out the drawer under the stove.
 Sadee and Ava came down for a couple of days and to help babysit during our anniversary. It was fun to have them and pretty much non stop partying. One afternoon we did snow cones. We delivered several flyers Sadee made the day before. Who knew snow cones would take a couple days of prep?

 I tried a new buttermilk bread recipe while prep was going on.

 Liam was selling otter pops and was so sad because for quite awhile no one wanted those, just snow cones. Then he sold a couple and all was well :)

 They made about 25.00. Not too shabby! They really want to come to Lagoon so that was what they were making money for.
And look at this beauty! A second bread recipe turns out for me. YEAH!