Kitchen remodel part 5 the dump and painting and more painting

 The boys got to go to the dump with Daddy and Grandpa. This was AWESOME.
 Throwing junk in the dump just for fun? No one will yell at you?

 Painting the ceiling in the living room.

 Finishing the ceiling in the living room around midnight.
 Moving on to the kitchen ceiling.

 Then we began painting actual walls in the kitchen.
 Liam found an old winter hat of mine and was obsessed.
 I know it's hard to tell, but these windows and all around them are clean :)

 The new color is a lighter color of what our old kitchen was. We didn't plan it that way. It's not as noticeable in the kitchen, but the living room is DEFINITELY looking lighter and bigger.

 Painting nights were some LATE nights.

 Looking better eh?

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