35 week update

I had my 35 week check up this yesterday. My doctor started out by saying “this baby sure is measuring small today”…. And she told me I was measuring at 32 when I should be at 35. She said my appointment two weeks ago, I was measuring 31.5. HELLO?! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? This I have a hard time believing, because I have REALLY finally felt like I have started getting so much bigger (perception is everything, right?), so in 2 weeks, I had only gained 1 pound and .5 “whatever measurement” they use…. So, she said not to worry too much, but that they would do an ultrasound just to see how he was looking….I did feel better thinking that at least I’m measuring small if everyone thinks I look small.

So, in the meantime waiting for the ultrasound, I called Ryan and told him the scoop and we said a little prayer via phone while I waited for the ultrasound technician. I do have to say it was very cool to have a second ultrasound when Superbaby was MUCH bigger…. Even though I still had a hard time identifying some of his parts. First off, the tech reassured us Superbaby is a boy (YEAH!). His mouth was opening and closing in parts of the ultrasound which was very cute, and the technician got a really cute picture of one of his ears, which we have confirmed looks like Ryan’s, so we know his first body part (or at least one ear), looks like his daddy!

The tech said that his head was measuring well, fluids were good, just his tummy was small (even though to me his tummy looked huge!). She said sometimes that happens first off the tummy stops growing if they aren’t getting enough nutrients or the placenta stops functioning like it should, etc…. so she took the results back to my doctor and my doctor said that I was okay for another 2 weeks until my next appointment, and that even though his tummy is small, it’s not in the danger, danger zone, just super small danger zone, so that’s okay. He was in the 35th percentile supposedly of whatever he is supposed to be and weighed around 4.5-5 pounds….

So, now the next 2 weeks, I’m praying hard for Superbaby’s tummy to get fat, and that I will eat better so I can measure better…. Anyways, just wanted to give you an update. I did ask my doctor if maybe they just got my due date wrong, and she said no, we aren’t changing your due date. In 2 weeks you will be 37 weeks, full term, so then he may be able to live better outside of the womb than inside. We’ll just have to see how you look in 2 weeks. I did have my first somewhat panic attack afterwards of “OH MY GOSH I COULD BE A MOM IN A LITTLE OVER 2 WEEKS I AM SO NOT READY I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO” but that lasted only a few minutes. I guess I just always have thought, he won’t come until August 1st or after, I never even dreamed he could be coming in July….but I guess I don’t really have a choice in the matter, so I’ll keep you posted at my next visit. Maybe he will be really good and get “fat” and then we can wait a couple more weeks :)

I meant to attach some pictures, but didn’t have time to scan them in…and wanted to get this post written before the weekend.



So, I'm slacking again on posts, but I just have to make one quick comment. Last Thursday, I can only describe what I felt as "lower innard pressure".... since that time, several people have laughed at me and said, "Duh, Alisa, that's what happens when you are 33 weeks pregnant!"... and several people said they had felt this pressure weeks before I did for the first time (last week) But apparently, I didn't know this. I tried to explain to my husband...and I just could only say lower innard pressure, so now we pray for me innards :)

Apparently, Superbaby must have changed positions, and a few times I have felt quite a few strong kicks right in the stomach that have taken my breath away...and made me smile at the same time. He must be getting "geared up" (as my doctor told me) to come into the world in about a month and a half I guess.

Anyways, I'm just wondering those of you who are already parents, and especially the mommies, did you have the "lower innard pressure" that made you walk like a grandma?


Superbaby things and tummy pics

I'm finally getting around to posting more "preparations for Superbaby"... we put together a little bookshelf. I have collected little kids books for quite awhile now, anxious to read them to my little cuties.... so here are some of the books Superbaby will get to see!

These "touchy feely" Usborne books are SO cute. Ryan loves monkeys, so I had to get the monkey one.
Same thing but a dragon.
I just got done last week painting this magnet board for his room. I figured we need a yellow splash in there somewhere.
These are the cute little slippers that Sadee and Ava gave Superbaby.
Superbaby will be styling in these blue tennis shoes!
Okay, one of my biggest fears of babies is the whole "getting a onsie on a newborn with a floppy head and neck". So, even though this is the cutest onsie a coworker gave me, but I just get so worried I'm going to squish the baby's head or cut off his circulation...so, I found a onesie that will solve my problem....see below
Alisa is saved by the froggie onesie! This little onesie is so cute...and it has SNAPS on the front so that I don't have to pull it over his head...and see below...
And his little bum will look SO cute with this froggie on it!
Finally, a 32 week tummy picture.... this is NOT the greatest picture of me, but focus on the tummy please :)
Side view

Memorial Day with Sadee and Ava

These are pictures from Memorial Day weekend in Idaho. Sadee and Ava wanted to smile for us.

We went four wheeling in Spencer, Idaho, but Dave and Sadee and Ava and I went on a hike up the mountain. Sadee hiked the whole way by herself!
This is just a really cute picture of Ava, who now goes to the potty by the way. YEAH AVA!