Cash for books

So, here is another thing I just discovered if you are a voracious reader like me. In reading my free Woman's Day magazine recently, I saw a little blurb about a Web site called Cash4Books.net that will PAY you for your used books. I thought, wow, I need to check that out. So, a book I recently read I did a search on the Web site for how much they would pay me? $4.38, not a ton, but considering I got this book for free and probably won't read again, I thought, hey that's worth it. I did a few other random searches on books around, but they weren't accepting those, so it may depend on what they have in stock if they want your book.
What's the catch? I don't see any so far (I haven't sent any books yet), but they pay the shipping to have you send your books, so this is an easy win. Now, when I have some time, I'm going to review all my books on my bookshelf and rather than just donating them to DI or somewhere, I'm going to make some money off them. Not that donating them to your public library or DI isn't bad, but hey, FREE MONEY!


Okay, I'm finally getting around to posting about Swagbucks. I have read about this online for awhile, but finally a friend of mine encouraged me to sign up after I asked some questions. So, it's not like I'm making millions of dollars doing this, but it is SO easy and you can earn nice prizes for FREE! I was just noticing that I can earn more prizes by signing up people underneath me.... so if you are interested, read about Swagbucks.com and sign up under my referral code (http://swagbucks.com/?cmd=sb-register&rb=379055) and I can get free bucks. You can do the same by inviting your friends and family as well. Basically you earn bucks for every time you do searches on the Internet, which all of us do! Feel free to ask me any questions....


Thomas Nelson publisher book review

About a month ago, I signed up to be a Thomas Nelson book reviewer. I read a ton of books, but I thought this was so cool that they would be willing to send you a free book to review on your blog.... so here is my review...

I recently read The Great Eight by Scott Hamilton. I really enjoyed this book. I didn’t really have any idea what it was about, but I did know the author was a figure skater. Since optimisim and being happy are traits that I cherish, I was excited to find out that this was what the book was about.
Scott shares life experiences and “stories” to the eight things one must do to be happy. These things include the following:
1. Fall, Get Up, and Land your First Jumps
2. Trust your Almighty Coach
3. Make your Losses Your Wins
4. Keep the Ice Clear
5. Think Positive, Laugh, and Smile like Kristi Yamaguchi
6. Win by Going Last
7. Learn a New Routine
8. Stand in the Spotlight
I read many books. My favorite chapter was Chapter 2. Scott explained that just like a real coach, God can be your coach in real life. I know this to be true, that God truly is our coach in life. I also liked how Scott incorporated various inspirational quotes in the margins. Nothing he said was really “new” information, but I liked the simple way he used his life experiences to show how everyone has a hard life, but despite hardships, happiness is a choice. I had no idea he had been through cancer and a brain tumor. I especially liked how Scott said your happiness can still remain constant, despite what others think of you, your circumstances, or your challenges. Overall, very good read.

How many pictures does it take?

To get a real smile out of Collin? Take a look...
Okay, almost
That's pretty good...
I want to see those two little chicles (teeth)!
Nope, you ARE NOT going to see the teeth...
I am starting to become fascinated with the camera though...
Happy Sunday to everyone!

The second and last day of spring

Can you tell we were excited for the official second day of Spring? It's true, because it's supposed to snow on the fourth day of spring :(

Happy Belated St. Patricks Day!

Yes, this was supposed to be posted on St. Patricks Day, but alas...


Food for babies

How is it that Collin hardly wants to eat any baby food (he is totally a milk drinker still) but now if I'm ever eating anything, especially chocolate, he gives me the staredown like NO tomorrow? Doesn't he know chocolate comes AFTER squash and bananas? :)


Sometimes Saturdays need to start at 5am

I know, I'm just wondering how many other people feel like unless they wake up at 5am on Saturday, you can't get everything you done you want to? I debated about getting up that early, but then I just decided I had to. It seems like whenever I don't get up until 7am, the day is already half over. I do realize 99 percent of you probably sleep in until 10am on Saturdays, so I applaud you.
But, I do feel somewhat like I have accomplished things today. I ran at least 3 miles (yes, I have finally started running again, after the whole year break with huge breasts from nursing and being pregnant, I have finally figured out how to control nursing breasts!), so that made me very excited. I'm trying to get back into my running 15 miles or so per week again.
Here are the other things I have accomplished:
Made homemade strawberry jam
Cleaned our kitchen---kind of
Did a bunch of "cooking things" for the future--- which, have any of you tried the cooking for a month ahead of time that I keep reading about? After using about 4 cutting boards to cut, cook and shred chicken, I've decided there must be an easier way
Went to the store
Took a mini nap while my husband rubbed my feet (LOVE that!)
Played with Collin
Posted on the blog

Anyways, not that anyone cares about my productivity, but WAHOO!

And, I'm too lazy to post about good deals this week, but I FINALLY found some Huggies on the good deal! YEAH!

Collin's first date

Okay, we have been having problems with our Internet over the last week, so haven't posted for a bit. This is Collin's new thing, TAGS. His cousin Ava gave him this ball and forget about the ball, it's ALL about the tag. I guess he must be just like Ava because she is totally into tags, still to this day, at 3 years old.
This last week I babysat a friend's little girl for an hour. HELLO it's good I don't have twins. That was the experience, but I call it Collin's first date. You can tell he is totally smiling in the picture because he is sitting next to a cute girl. And it was so obvious to me how girls are different than boys, surprise surprise. Tessa was all daintily playing with things and Collin for awhile tried to get her attention with whatever he thought of, trying to hit her (okay, not totally), throw a teething thing at her, finally he gave up and just played with his bear. It was too funny.
This was the cutest outfit Collin was wearing. The pictures don't do it justice, but the shirt says something like Mommy's team forever on it. Ryan got him all dressed matchy matchy and when I came home from work it was so cute. Okay, so the pants remind me a LITTLE bit of MC Hammer....hammertime.
This is Collin's new favorite thing, besides playing with my necklaces if I wear them :) The second I put him in his bouncer he just totally sits up and thinks he's all that. What a cutie though!


Step by step wags

All of this for a little over a dollar....how? See below
Okay… as my continuing efforts to teach my family and friends about good deals, I thought I would post a recent “big” experience trip to Wags, Walgreens as it is formally called. This is a GREAT week to shop there, as they have a lot of great Register Rewards deals going on. I want to show you just how much you can be saving by taking a bit of time….and honestly, it does take a little more time to figure out the order and deals and find the coupons, but I think it’s worth it. I still SO have a long ways to go. This will probably be the only time I will go into such great depths on my blog (because all my frugal blog links do this much better than me).

Here is the exact order of the transactions I did.

1st Transaction
2 Glade Lasting Impressions
Walgreens allergy tabs (on free after rebate)
2 Ziplock bags 50 count
1 Vaselline Intense lotion
4 cans Campbells Cream of Chicken soup
Total before coupons: 40.64
I used the following coupons, B1G1 (buy one get on free) on the Glade impressions, in-store Wags coupon for the ziplock bags making them 99 cents each, Vaseline lotion was on sale 25 percent off, plus I used a 1.25 MC off (manufacterer’s coupon), 2 IP (internet printable $2 off 2 cans Campbells soups), plus the in-store ad coupons for the Campbells soups (making them 3 for $3.00)

Result: I paid out of pocket 10.23, but will be getting back 3.99 on rebate this month on the allergy tablets (Easy Saver catalog), plus I got 2 RR(register rewards money to be used toward future purchase) from the Vaseline purchase
Total after rebates and coupons: $4.24 a savings of more than 90 percent
Keep in mind, the ONLY coupon from an actual newspaper insert was the Vaseline coupon. That is just to say, you don’t have to get MC to still get a good deal. Wags takes Internet coupons so you can just print off a lot of coupons online FOR FREE.

2nd Transaction
This was a “series” of transactions, but one trip.
Bought 1 Vaseline Intense Rescue lotion
Used 1 MC coupon for 1.25 off
The Vaseline (as mentioned above) was 25 percent off on sale
OOP 1.62, but I got a 2 RR back, MONEYMAKER
I bought another Vaseline lotion for the exact same results
I bought a Carmex lip balm on sale for 2.99 (if I had been thinking right, I could have made money on this trip by using a 2 RR from my previous Vaseline deal), but I wasn’t sure if it would work at the time, now I know it would have)
OOP 3.19 and got a 2 RR back.
Overall total before coupons on this trip: $10.73
OOP $6.43
Results after the RR and coupons, $.43, a savings of more than 95 percent!

3rd Transaction
I bought 2 Scrubbing bubbles wipes
1 Colgate 6 oz (the one on RR deal)
2 Sambocol cold/flu medicines (this is a GREAT example of buying something you don’t need/want to get a lower price on something you do want, and then you can donate these to someone that does need it!)
Total before coupons 40.64
Then I used a $3/2 IP coupon on the scrubbing bubbles, 2 IP Sambocol coupons for $4/1, and also used the $10/1 Sambocol coupon twice (in the Easy Saver catalog), I also used 2RR from one of my previous Vaseline deals towards this transaction
OOP result: 5.44 but I got a 3.50 RR back from the toothpaste and will get a $2 rebate back on the 2 Scrubbing Bubbles
Results overall PROFIT 6 cents!
I bought 1 Colgate Total 4 oz
1 Colgate 6 oz (RR deal again)
Total before coupons 7.24
I then used the 2.50 off Colgate Total (easy saver catalog), and 1.50 IP off the same Colgate Total, and then I also was able to use another 2 RR from my Vaseline deal
OOP result: 1.24 but then I got a 3.50 RR from the 6 oz Colgate that printed off
Results after coupons: PROFIT 2.26
I bought another Carmex lip balm
Another Colgate 4 oz toothpaste
Total before coupons: $6.92
I used the 2.50 coupon for Colgate (easy saver) and then another 1.50 off Colgate IP plus my final Vaseline 2 RR
OOP: .92 cents plus I got a 3.50 RR printing from the Colgate
Results after total: PROFIT 1.08

Overall totals: 106.47 (before any sales, coupons RR, anything)
Actual cost (this includes the coupons used and RR printed, etc.): $1.07
Savings 90 percent!
The best part is all of that third transaction was put on my Wags gift card from the February rebates, so all of that was “technically” free :)
Plus, as a wonderful thing I just found out, Albertsons takes the Wags RRs as competitor coupons, so by using a $1/1 IP coupon for Velveeta cheese and my 3.50 RR from a Colgate deal, I was able to get Velveeta cheese, normally 4.49 for less than 50 cents! And that means my husband is happy because I made black bean chicken bake for dinner tonight!

Good luck to all of you! Hopefully this made sense!


Spring is coming

Everyone is happy to have spring on it's way....slowly but surely. I came home for lunch today and saw the first of our little yellow crocuses "or crocki" is I call them. Hopefully, unlike last year, we won't get a snow/wind storm bad enough to kill them after they have been out a few days in bloom.
I am so happy it's getting to be warm outside so I can go on more walks with mommy!
As much as I want Collin to enjoy spring, he does not enjoy SQUASH! YUCKY! Apparently, he likes green veggies more than colored :)

How YOU doin'?

Yes, I'm practicing combing my hair and my "sly" smile to win over the women, both young and old, including my mommy. Who cares if I am in my pajamas?