Food poisoning

WARNING...may be TMI (too much information)

I believe this weekend I got my first taste of what I think was food poisoning. I am DEFINITELY not anxious to get it anytime again soon. Let's just say at about 1258am on Saturday night/Sunday morning, I rushed to the bathroom with pains to Ryan "my stomach hurts" and collapsed on the bathroom floor. Poor Ryan came running to the bathroom and asked if I was okay and was very concerned. I find it ironic now that at the time I was coherent enough to tell him I didn't want him to see me like this. Bless his poor soul, he shut the door, and went back to bed and kept asking me if I was okay from the bedroom.

I eventually was able to leave the bathroom and attempt to come and sleep. I didn't go to church, nor anything else, because I could literally, only stand or sit up for about 5 minutes at a time. But, I decided having food poisoning isn't worth it. Even though I bet I have lost a few pounds from not really eating the last couple of days, and also removing a lot of food from my body, I was SO bored out of my mind just sitting around. I couldn't even have the energy to read so poor Ryan read to my basically the entire story of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, some articles from General Conference, and I watched Mr. Krueger's Christmas. He had to make his own Sunday dinner, and take care of me, and I'm not a very good sick patient.

Anyways, I'm feeling better today, but let's just say most foods are NOT even calling my name. Anyone else have stories have food poisoning they want to share?


December 1st

DECEMBER is here! This is the first time so many perfectly wonderfully holiday things happened EXACTLY on December 1st.

I have an advent calendar that I do every year counting down the 24 days until Christmas. Day 1 was "start using Christmas plates". Aren't they so cute? And the pancakes that Ryan made me were yummy!
We have a wooden stove in our living room, so Ryan made our first "fire" of the season. YEAH!

We also put up a new mailbox. Our old one, that Ryan called "topless" had totally no top and fallen completely off our house... we look GQ now.

The best part of the day was seeing our Christmas wreath...

in the middle of one of the BIGGEST snowstorms.

Our house totally looks winter wonderland, at least on December 1st! Happy holidays everyone!