Final doctor update hopefully!

So…doctor update….

Well, I wish I had better news…. My doctor measured me, I’m finally up to 38 on 40, which she thought I would never get to, so that was good, I had gained back 1 pound, which was also good (I have gained 21 pounds total).

The somewhat frustrating disappointing thing (although, I’m trying not to let it be) is the scheduling inducement thing. The hospital I really want to deliver at has a very strict policy about not inducing until at least 41 weeks, which would be on August 8th. However, my doctor is not available that weekend (due to her being on call this weekend and the weekend after the 8th), so if I want to be induced at the new hospital with my doctor being there (which I DEFINITELY want her to be there), the earliest I could be induced is Tuesday, August 12th! AHHH! That is for sure a no go hopefully, because my mom is planning on coming to help me be a new mom, and she has to start back up teaching school on Monday, August 18th, so if I waited until the 12th, my mom (and I know some of you will think I’m a wimp that I want my mom there to help me, when some of you didn’t have that option) could only stay for 2 days then have to head back.

So, then my doctor called a different hospital, and they don’t have “quite” as strict a policy so I am tentatively scheduled to be induced on Thursday, August 7th, at the different hospital. I’m sure that hospital is totally fine, but I really want to deliver at the new hospital for a lot of reasons, so in the next 7 days, I’m going to work hard (like I know how to go naturally into labor) to try and get Superbaby here on his own… so if anyone has any thoughts to share on how they did that (other than a lot of prayer), let me know. Pray that Superbaby will come on his own before August 7th! But, I'm sure things will be fine if I deliver at the other hospital as well.



Quick little post. This is what everyone tells me when I say I'm still at work and my due date is on Friday, and today is Wednesday. My insurance lady couldn't BELIEVE I was still at work... my blood drive coordinators I work with can't believe it....so I guess I just wanted to post this in saying, I am so lucky to have been able to (hopefully) work up until my due date. I know many women have told me they had to quit a month early, or a week early, or whatever just to being so huge, swelly, and uncomfortable. As for me, I have been really, really blessed and lucky. I'm planning on working up until the day Superbaby comes, so I may be working for another 2 weeks :)

In other news, not much. My potentially "last" doctor visit is tomorrow morning, so I may have another update after that, but I may not. I am DEFINITELY feeling bigger this week, and I am DEFINITELY waddling more, so he must be gearing up for the delivery, just like I am!


4 days and counting

I just find it so funny what people say to me at this stage in pregnancy. Yes, my due date is on Friday, and I’m really okay with that. However, no one else is J

At church yesterday, EVERYONE (okay, maybe only 99.9 percent of people) came up to me saying “You hanging in there”---“Are you just ready for that baby to come”----“You are doing such a great job looking pregnant”---“Aren’t you just dying to get that baby here”----among others. I know people are just so excited, but I’m really okay if he doesn’t come until my due date. Maybe I have just had a better overall pregnancy than most people, but it’s literally only been the last week or so I have been uncomfortable.

And you can feel free to keep calling me to see if the baby is coming. I finally made an update on my phone voicemail so if I don’t get to the phone in time (due to I kind of waddle around not run up/down the stairs) you can at least find out something. But I’m so touched with how many people are so excited to have Superbaby come….including Ryan and I. We went on a walk last night to see if that would help the baby come faster. I also plan on trying to eat at Taco Bell (maybe) once this week to see if that helps….but come Friday and if he isn’t here, I may be doing something more drastic J

Other than that, nothing else to report at this point! I did sit in the rocking chair in his room last night for awhile….maybe he will be excited to see his new room to come early.


Last week, my work threw me a SuperMama baby shower...it was so fun and I was so touched. These are a few of the pictures from the shower, and I just realized I need to wear this white shirt more...it TOTALLY makes me look more pregnant.
Standing in front of the gifts.

Supberbaby got so many cute things!

These outfits were given to him by my boss and supervisor.

This was the best gift ever....a Superbaby sock puppet. One of our admins is THEE most talented person I know. He has a red cape just like Superman (since we have called the baby Superbaby from forever) they made him a Superbaby. You can't see, but around his hat tassle, he has the words Superbaby spelled out. And he has a Superman sticker on.

Krissy is the talent who made this little guy.
This is the funniest gift ever.... an American Red Cross baby take care of pack thing. So "I won't forget".

These wrist rattles were given to Superbaby by his future surrogate Auntie Anita. They are adorable!
I can't wait to see Superbaby with all his fun things!

38.5 Week doctor visit

So… not much news to report on my 38.5 week doctor visit. I hadn’t gained any weight since last week, so still holding at I have gained 20 pounds. I was measuring 36 on almost 39, and she still had a hard time measuring my dilation since his head is really low, but still estimating at a 2. I also had some positive strep B come out in my urine sample from last week, so I have a prescription to take care of that. My doctor said I shouldn’t worry.
She also said if by my appointment next week, (Thursday, July 31st) nothing is happening they will probably schedule me to be induced at 41 weeks… they can’t schedule any sooner than that at the hospital I’m going to. I really don’t want to be induced so hopefully he will come in the next week or so and we won’t have to be induced.
In good news, at the gym this morning, three women I see every day basically (but don’t really talk to them, how pathetic am I!), they asked me when I was due and I said 9 days and counting and they both couldn’t believe it. This other woman that I see often just barely noticed I was pregnant and I told her when I was due and she said “You look so great girl!” I have to admit it was the first time I actually felt proud of being small being pregnant. Anyways, here’s hoping that Superbaby comes on his own!


Future Superbaby cousins

Sadee went on a hike all the way up the hill by herself. I also did being more than 6 months pregnant, so I was quite proud of myself :)

Though these pictures are from May 2008, I just wanted to post Superbaby's cute little Atkinson Cousins...I can't wait to see (and how the other cousins) interact with Superbaby!

Week 38 pictures

Okay, so a few days late posting these, but here are my 38 week pictures. They were at the very end of the day, so don't focus on my lovely face, the tummy please :)


Am I Ready?

Last Saturday, Ryan and I had our second (and final) prenatal class. We are totally so prepared now. HA HA HA. The coolest thing this week was that we got to have "discussion groups" among the moms and then the dads. It was very interesting what was concerning to moms and what was concerning to dads. Many of us had very different concerns and some were the same. Overall, some of the concerns made me smile, and also made me realize, I am BY NO MEANS one of the most freaked out future first time moms....one woman asked if she was swimming, how she would know her amniotic fluid ruptured, another one wondered how much bigger than a double D bra size can you get, another one was concerned about working out after, how much pain you are actually going to be in, it was funny, of the 10-12 moms there, there really were only 4 of us that talked and expressed concerns. It kind of made me wonder if the other moms just don't talk, or already know everything. I was a talker, but then, I always have been.

We also got a tour of the hospital and got to see the rooms we would deliver in. Our teacher asked if any dads wanted to sit in the bed and stirrups...no takers. It was too funny.

Anyways, I just had a good friend of mine have her first baby, so over the weekend, I got the "labor scoop" from her... and it actually made me feel better in many ways.

Other than that, rest assured, I did take a 38 week tummy picture, just is still in the camera. I also packed my hospital bag over the weekend, so I think I'm somewhat ready "for the moment" to come :) whatever that means. I plan on watching "Alias" while I go through contractions to keep my mind off the pain....

I am just so excited to see what little Superbaby looks like. Now, if I could just get rid of this last minute little sore throat issue I have had for the last two days. 11 days and counting!


38 week update, a few hours early

So, went to my doctor this morning for my 38 week update. I'm measuring 35 on 38, which I had gained 1 from last week, which was good, even though still measuring small, my doctor wasn’t concerned.

I had lost a pound since last week (WHAT?!). I figure this is due to me going first thing in the morning today instead of the afternoon. And I had a work baby shower yesterday and ate SO much food so I thought for sure I would have gained weight. Plus, I know you gain less weight at the end of pregnancy, since I haven’t really gained tons, maybe that means I lose weight. HA HA

The baby's head was VERY VERY low (which is probably why the last couple days I have felt like I’m waddling), so she had to best guess how far I was dilated (2) since she had to try and feel around his head. She didn’t want to kill me she said in feeing around his head. She said once contractions start coming, his head is just right there, pretty far down in the birth canal, and the baby’s head pressure is the best way to get you to dilate. That was great news. I did ask her if he has a big/little head, but she couldn’t tell, she said with a smile. I told her we would try and tell Superbaby to move just a bit before next week so she can tell how far I'm dilated easier.

Other than that, she is going out of town this weekend for a triathlon, so hopefully I won't go into labor until Sunday morning when she gets back. I told her I had a bad dream about her not being there when I went into labor (see bad dream post earlier this week).

She also told me what to do to try and turn the baby's head if he is face up, the hard way. BOth my sister and my doctor had babies born posterier and my doctor said that back labor (when the baby is posterior) is HARD...plus with the small pubic bone area I have, face down (anterior) is best. So, I'm going to work hard on her suggestions this week.

She also said as far as being induced (which hopefully I won’t have to do and don't really want to do and many people have asked me about it) she normally waits a week until after the due date, since inducements are very hard to get scheduled at the new hospital I’m going to. I really just hope that he comes on his own in the next couple of weeks, preferably, after this weekend, so my doctor can be there.

Other than that, the next doctor visit is on July 22nd!

And thanks for all the well wishes for our 3rd anniversary. This one we did low key…number 1, since I still get mostly sick after I eat, we went to IHOP where I had a couple of pancakes for dinner so I wouldn’t get sick. Then Ryan and I went and did one of our favorite activities…. Reading little kids books outloud at Barnes and Noble. This is the first time we have really done it with Superbaby, but he must have liked it, because he was moving up a storm in that tummy of mine!


Bad pregnancy dreams

Okay, so last night I had my worst bad dream pregnancy dream ever…. I’m sure many of you have had these, but I just had to share.

First off, I (for some reason) went into labor at 9pm the night before our anniversary (today), and I called Ryan on the way to the hospital, and for some reason he was like “Well, I need to go to the store, I’m not sure I can make it, I’m sure you will be fine”….. I called him a second time “Sweetie, I told you I will get there when I get there (in a mean voice)”…the third time he hung up on me…needless to say, this happened several times and by the time I got to the hospital, for some reason, I only had an hour left of labor and was about to push, and Ryan still wasn’t there. My bishop’s wife was there and helping me (weird, I know), but then she had to leave to have her own baby, even though she isn’t due until December. I finally tried calling my sister, who said she couldn’t make it in an hour. The doctor (who was not my real doctor) asked me if anyone was going to be there and I said, “I guess my husband doesn’t want to be here anymore”….and I really didn’t want to have Superbaby on my anniversary!

Anyways, talk about a horrible dream. It was SO real, yet I knew Ryan would SO not be like that in the real world, so when I woke up I had to wake him up and he assured me that he would be there. He couldn’t control my dreams, but he would be there. I know dreams are SO unique when you are pregnant, and so unrealistic, but this one really threw me for a loop.
But hey, it’s our 3 year anniversary and I haven’t gone into labor yet.


Memories anyone?

I saw this on a good friend's blog, and even though I don't have a cool picture, I still want to do it.

MEMORY LANE- This is just too fun to pass up. Here are the directions:1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! I guess good or bad, but be nice!!!!!!!2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments.

37 week update---a half week late

Sorry, again, no tummy pictures, but I have been assured I FINALLY look pregnant, with only about 2 weeks to go.

So…I had my 37 week check up last week. GOOD NEWS! Superbaby is growing and so am I. Since my 35 week appointment two weeks ago, I gained 3 pounds (my doctor actually told me YOU GO GIRL!) and had gone from 32 to a 34 on my measurement…which is still small for 37, but my doctor felt very good about my progress, and so did I. YEAH! She told me hardly anyone wants to get bigger and measure bigger at this point in the pregnancy (or usually any point of the pregnancy really she laughed) and I told her, aren’t you glad you have a patient like me! I asked her about a zillion questions about the whole labor thing… so yeah, I’m nervous but so glad I’m at least getting bigger….

She also measured me “the fun way” as everyone told me, which was a very interesting experience…and she said I’m dilated to a 1 and 65 percent effaced…and the not so great news, I have a “small pubic bone area”….which could pose problems for labor…My doctor also joked that maybe the baby is staying small since he knows the area he has to fit through is a little smaller… so, I tell everyone that and they say, “oh, I bet you may have to have a c-section for that” and I really am hoping not to have to do that (although, ultimately I just want to get Superbaby here safe and healthy and happy) so now I guess I will just start praying my pubic bone gets bigger, or Superbaby can fit through there. My doctor said the last couple of weeks, your body does shift and stretch and mold differently in preparation for the baby to come, so hopefully that will happen extra with me.

Oh, and we have finally decided on a name, just not sure of the spelling. We are going to do Colin/Collin for the first name (tell me your opinion on which way would be less pronounced like colon!) and Ryan for a middle name, but until he comes, he will still be Superbaby to me!

Anyways, now I go to my doctor every week…so yeah! He is coming soon! We did go to our first pre-natal class on Saturday (I know, a bit late) and it was so fun.... all the moms were having boys minus 1 girl, and we watched a birthing video that totally made me cry. We have another one this Saturday, so hopefully Superbaby won't arrive until after that!