Random thoughts

For those asking, no we still have no camera :( It is really quite tragic. And yes, we are going to probably have to buy another one, but we had some other bills come up this month, so not yet. Hopefully soon you will see more pictures. I wanted to post pictures of our perfect little orange pumpkins and WONDERFULLY crunchy red apples from our garden, but alas.
Here is one picture my sister sent me of Sadee and Ava doing yoga with her. It made me smile. Ava especially, since she wanted a "mat" like her mom, she had to do it on a towel. They only lasted 5 minutes doing it, but I thought they looked great!

And yesterday, I felt quite successful in the cooking department. For many, many moons my Grandma Tippets made THEE BEST string beanies from her garden. Seriously, I have never eaten any that even compare to hers. So, ever since she passed away, and I have had her pressure cooker, I have wanted to try and make them....but alas, I have never, until yesterday. Actually, yesterday was my first time. I had no real idea what I was doing, since it's been so long since she has made them, and she never had a recipe and she died before I was able to officially write down exactly what she did, so I had to improvise. And, though they took a bit longer than expected, and since we still haven't found our camera, I can't take pictures of them to show you, it MADE MY NIGHT! They tasted 95 percent like Grandma's beans...and I'd like to think my grandma was smiling down on me :)


Cruise lamentations

So, Ryan and I have returned from Cruise the Fourth last week. It was heavenly!! Why, do you ask, do I have lamentations then?

  • First of all, we came back and our power was totally out in our bedroom and bathrooms upstairs, pretty much the rooms we use most. So, the breaker kept tripping and yeah, we still don't have power in those rooms, so now Ryan finangled all of the outlets and extension chords to use some lamps in our bedroom, but alas, bathroom, showering in the dark is interesting.
  • Also, apparently a big windstorm came about while we were gone and several branches had fallen off the trees, and half our corn fell over in our garden. Sad.
  • Finally, the biggest lamentation, is even though the cruise was HEAVENLY, we have managed to misplace our camera. I realized it in the middle of the night when we were finally lay down to go to sleep (at 130am) and I just felt sick. I immediately got up and called Thrifty thinking we had left it in the car rental we had, but they apparently only have voicemails for the lost and found department and it can take several days before they get back to you. So, now, instead of posting and reliving our cruise experiences, we have nothing... but memories. And I know there are a lot worse problems, in the world than my lamentations, but alas, it would have been nice to come home to a powered house, perfect yard, and pictures to share with everyone :)

Like auntie, like niece

I have to tell this story on the blog. So, my 4.5 year old niece Sadee I found out while I was gone on the cruise, fell and hit her head on a table and had her first "doctor visit". Of course, I had to call my sister to get the scoop. Alas, Kari was not allowed to tell the story, Sadee "had to tell me"...thus ensued the funniest explanation of what happened I have ever heard.

"Alisa, blood was GUSHING down my shirt and head."
"Sadee, what happened?"
"I cut my head and blood was gushing Alisa".

After a few more attempts to try and get the real story out of her, I got the story from my sister. Yes, she fell, hit her head on a table, had a hole in her head and my sister said "you should have seen the look when she saw the hole Alisa, not pain, more like wow, there is a hole in my head". So, they took her to the emergency room, where they now don't give shots, just numbing glue on the wound and sewed her up. The doctor thought she was a little spitfire because she told the doctor "to fix the hole in her head" and when he joked with her if she had apologized to the table, she told him, "I don't have to say sorry to a table Doctor!".

But, with her bandaid on, she thinks she is SO cool, and now she is telling EVERYONE her claim to fame, how she had blood gushing and got stitches and how her little sister Ava screamed harder than her when she saw the hole. And she thinks the "purple spot" on her head is just BEAUTIFUL Alisa.

Yeah, made me laugh so hard. Made me think back to when I was three, and chasing my dad around the fireplace, cracked my head open. I also got taken to the emergency room, where they had NO numbing medicine, and all I remember is being strapped to a blue table and screaming for life.... and I did NOT look like a pirate. I had a huge bandage in the middle of my forehead forever. If only I could have the "exotic" trip to the doctor that Sadee did :)