The bus ride to the zoo

 Okay, somehow these pictures totally got out of order. Collin got to go tot he zoo with his preschool. This was his picture before we left.
 He was TOTALLY more excited to ride the bus, since we have obviously been to the zoo lots of times this year, but we have NEVER ridden a bus.

 His little buddies :)

 Time to load up. What purposeful strides.
 A tear here thinking Collin looks so big getting on the bus.
 The cool lego animals on display now at the zoo. Liam LOVED these.
This doesn't do it justice but on our ride home we randomly saw a "knight" on a motorcycle. Not sure why it was so funny, but it was. Full on knight helmet. It looked funnier from the front, but that picture didn't turn out.

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Brianne Johnson said...

You're right. Collin is looking way too old in those pictures. Super cute though. And, of course, your kitchen looks AMAZING!! Way to go putting in the knobs by yourself!