It's no secret that Collin is all-boy. Really. He LOVES motorcycles.... so anytime we see a motorcycle driving by us in the car or on the street, "motorcycle!" At a recent ward party, a nice nice ward member let Collin try out the motorcycle. I LOVE this first face. It's like he's trying to be a mean motorcycle-driving maching man....
Once he saw the motorcycle, it's like forget anything else. He kept on going back and back...
I'm not quite sure I'm ready for him to be driving one yet though!

Gardening this summer

It's been fun (always actually) to see the garden grow this summer. This summer we planted eggplants for the first time, and though they struggled for a bit, they are going gangbusters. We have already picked probably 8 or so and still tons on there. Collin loves to carry in the food to mommy.
Our favorite way to make eggplant is eggplant "cake" for Collin or eggplant parmesan for the rest of us. Collin loves it and so do we!
This is the first year my green peppers are outgoing my tomatoes.... but I finally found enough red tomatoes to make this....the YUMMIEST fresh salsa in the entire world, courtesy of my sister's recipe. That's half the reason I want to do a garden each summer...this stuff. It is HEAVEN!
Yeah for gardens!


Collin turns two!

Last Saturday, Collin turned two. Since he is SUCH a fan of tractors lately, I made him a tractor cake. I was actually quite pleased with how it turned out, considering the random directions (very little) and picture I tried to replicate. True success was when Collin yelled TRACTOR CAKE about a zillion times that day :)
For his birthday, he got this little car I found at a yard sale. He is a fan.
We met some of my family in Brigham City at the community pool there. Oh my heavens Collin had such a blast on this little slide. ..
So much so I made him put on a life jacket because I started getting nervous.
He went down this slide NUMEROUS times and since he could go up the stairs himself, he was "all that" and a bag of chips.
Sadee went down the big waterslide. I did too, hollering the whole way. I guess it has been awhile since I have been down a waterslide.
Ava liked to go with her daddy.
After swimming, we treated everyone to pizza and breadsticks at Pizza Hut.
Collin even ate some pizza, YEAH!
After pizza, we went to the park to eat cake and open presents. Sadee and Ava of course loved this part.
We sang.
Sadly, the cake eating wasn't QUITE as intense last year (I'm not sure if you remember, but he POUNDED that piece of cake on his one year birthday), so I guess he is too used to eating sweets, shame on his mama....but he loves black licorice.
Finally, go to it Collin!
Now Collin fully knows what "presents" are. He got quite a few, but his favorites were the cars and dinosaurs from Sadee and Ava and the "fire truck" given to him by grandma.
Wow, what is in here?
Thanks to everyone for helping Collin celebrate entering the world of terrible twos! The GREAT news is that at his 2 year check up this week, he was finally on the chart for weight, the 1th percentile, but still :) YEAH! First time ever Collin! We love you!


Partying in Idaho again

Collin and I recently spent some more time in Idaho....and what did we do? Party, of course minus one day my mom and I were both sick with who-knows-what but we could not move. No partying that day. One morning we went to the "silver slides" park. I love how little kids call parks by names of things in the park. It's the best. I thought this picture was so cute of Sadee and Collin. Not because they are matching, just cute...
The huge long slide was a little too long for Collin to go by himself, so I made the girls take him.
Several of the days we went into the turtle pool....man how this brings back memories when I was little. My grandma had a little green turtle slide pool, we played for HOURS in that thing. I think these kiddos could have too, especially Collin.
Ava spraying the hose in her face, Collin would not stop laughing, thus more spraying.
Collin LOVED this little slide. In fact, as some may know, he doesn't even need a swimming suit on to love pools. Anywhere there is a pool, something with water in it, he crashes right in. This kid LOVES the water.
One afternoon we went to feed the ducks at the river. Collin could throw that so far. And he LOVED the ducks.
He kept trying to say quack....too funny.
Two cute girls.
One day for dinner, we brought in the little table. Collin REFUSED to eat anywhere but down at the table. He wanted to be exactly like his cousins.
Playing outside was a must. I know Collin could live outside, but when you have cousins to play with, then you really can.
Ahh...the discovery and magic of sidewalk chalk. He came in each time totally filthy and happy.
Sadee was a true artist.
This little puzzle my mom has saved for 33 years.... please find the little pig grandma! Collin is so sorry he hauled it off somewhere. He could put this puzzle all together 'HIMSELF'....yes, he is all about I DO IT! these days.
Hanging out in the garage.... I think they were supposed to be on a bus or something. These girls sure love Collin. Thanks for letting us come and party!

5 years

Last month, Ryan and I celebrated our five year anniversary, which is a feat in and of itself. But, when my mom told me she would come down and babysit Collin for a night, we took her up on it! One of our MOST MOST favorite places to go is the Melting Pot. Granted, we have been there before, but this was the first time "after Collin" and the relaxation and quiet, was seriously, perfect.
Ryan and I kept saying (as much as we truly love love Collin) how nice not to have a toddler next to you throwing food, saying Mommy! Daddy! It was truly a nice dinner.
And you CANNOT beat the flaming turtle for dessert!
We got a room in the Armstrong Mansion Bed and Breakfast in downtown Salt Lake. Not far, but so quiet and relaxing. We heard no one at all the entire time we were there....until the next morning for breakfast. We stayed in the May room.
And it was especially nice there because the week before this Collin had decided to become a vampire, staying up all night or not going to bed until midnight.
Our room was simple but elegant. Perfect for us. Just what we needed.
This place is so beautiful from the outside.
Our room was to the far left with the three little windows.
That next morning we woke up to a buffet breakfast, which was HEAVEN. They also had brochures about the Armstrongs. Man, they were cool people.
Then we went to the Bountiful Temple and did a session. Thanks for five wonderful years sweetie! Here's to many, many more!