Collin's slide

Recently, Collin got to go to "Collin's slide"--thus named by Sadee and Ava. It's a slide at this elementary school, that despite being "pink" (a GIRL color) Sadee and Ava have been saying it's Collin's slide for so long now....finally we got to go. Collin liked going down the slide...
But he liked the bark at the end of the slide even more. Boys will be boys I guess.
Sadee and Ava SURE LOVE Collin, especially Sadee. You can tell he worships her :)
Mom, when can we go and see Sadee and Ava?
Sadee showed us how she can totally do the monkey bars. I told her I used to do those too, back when I was six.
Sadee loved the BIG slide... I even went down it a couple of times.
Ava also went down the slide, but liked swinging better.
Thanks Sadee and Ava for always being fun to be around. Collin and I LOVE YOU!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Recycle bin

Who knew the old recycle box would be SUCH a fun excitement at our house? I guess anyone with a little boy would!
I LOVE pulling things out of this box mom!


Idaho state fair

While up in Idaho, my parents were nice enough to take Collin to the Idaho State Fair. We knew Collin would like the animals, but it was fun. These animals are kind of fun. A sheep even truly "ba-ad" at Collin. He giggled.
The littler animals weren't quite as interesting.
Ahh..the horsies! Collin LOVED the horsies. Really, he had no fear to just put his hands out. It was so cute.
And since we had gone to Gardner Village and petted the goats, this time he must have gotten over the "different feeling" of fur. He LOVED petting the horses, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, you name it.
Thanks for the fun time at the fair!

Sadee and Ava updates

Over Labor Day, we went up to Idaho to watch the Cougars CRUSH Oklahoma, but also so Collin could play with his cousins Sadee and Ava. They sure LOVE him. Here are some fun pictures of the get together.
Collin was introduced to the massive candy land board, he liked the people better.
Collin playing wiht Auntie Kari...they so have the same smile.
Ava posing with her straight hair after the dance party.
Sadee still trying to dance while posing.
Intense game of candy land trying to start.
Collin only managed to destroy a few of the cards.
Cheesy smile while getting ready for bed.
All dressed up.
It was so fun to go and visit. Collin LOVES all the attention he gets, and his mommy appreciates all the other people to watch him :)


Last fall, Collin got to experience his first year of Johnson BYU football. He had a cute little outfit and all of us cheered on the Cougars every Saturday all fall long. He even got to go to a game when he was about a month old...

This year is no different, minus bigger head, bigger eyes, and a bigger jersey :) Thanks to Uncle Jeff and Grandma Johnson, he looks much more the part of a Cougar fan this year.
Think he could play offensive line? Yeah right the little guy is much more of a wide receiver.
I wanted to get a cute picture of mommy and baby in Cougar gear. Collin didn't.
He much prefers pictures with his daddy. We took a picture of this last year, and my how Collin has changed. Ryan...hasn't much. GO COUGARS GO!

Looking up

Here is what I encounter every night while trying to fix dinner....MOM PICK ME UP NOW!


Thomas Nelson Review-Fearless

I have read several of Max Lucado’s books, mostly children’s, but I enjoyed this book. Today especially I needed to review how to be “Fearless” in my life. Lucado talks about so many fears we can have in our every day lives, fear of the unknown, fear of the future, fear of death, fear of disappointing people and not mattering. I highlighted several quotes of his throughout the book, but some of my favorites were the following:
Getting on board with Christ can mean getting soaked with Christ. Storms prompt us to take unprecedented journeys. Give the storm waters more attention than the Storm Walker and you will sink like a brick in the pond.
I also especially liked in his chapter of Woe be Gone, the 8 things we can do to stop worrying: Pray first, easy now, act on it, compile a worry list, evaluate your worry categories, focus on today, unleash a worry army, and let God be enough. Today especially my thoughts are returning to these topics about situations that I fear but have no control over.
Lucado has a way with words in explaining the scripture stories of Jesus in a very practical, hear-and-now way for me. I very much enjoyed this book and will probably read it again.


Jazz anyone?

So, after a night of throwing up, and earlier trying to be patient while mommy cans some homemade salsa, I FINALLY got mommy and daddy to find the legs of my leapfrog table...
I got to play my very own music!!! I LOVE this thing!