Evelyn's newborn pictures

 My cousin Hannah is such a talented photographer so I had asked her if she could take some newborn Evelyn pics. This was when she was 6 days old.

 We even captured her ninja hands!
 I so love this picture (especially now) because it shows all her hair in it's glory. She has lost so much now. Sad.

 This was my most favorite. LOVE the scream.

We are so so so very happy she is here!

September 2014 pictures

 This was taken the day after Evelyn got home, 3 days old, and it is still the best picture. Ryan thinks she is trying to look like "ha ha ha I'm hatching an evil plot". It was so lucky to capture.
 We didn't go to church the first Sunday home, but we still got dressed up :)
 Picking some pumpkins.
 First time to church. Evelyn does NOT like getting in cute clothes. Still doesn't.
 We went to Temple Square in September. It was fun.
 Evelyn's first time.
 This was just the sweetest picture of Liam "reading" to Evelyn. It was so darling, because she really was listening, and Liam really had an awesome story going on.
More pumpkins, so far Ryan has picked 22 I think.


She is here!

 So we won't go into all the details in the blog (you can ask me if you want), but the baby girl got here! She actually came a week and a half early, which is the earliest of any child so far.
 And she didn't come quite as fast as Liam, so I was able to make it to the hospital, no epidural (my choice, even though at one point for a few minutes I was thinking uh oh, I maybe should have gotten that)......
 And we finally thought of a name, Evelyn Elizabeth O'Berry. I think it is so beautiful, just like she is. She was born on August 26th, a day before Ryan's birthday, phew! I was due September 4th.

 Labor basically started at 4am ish....got to the hospital around 530/545 and she was born at 752 am, weighed 7.2 pounds (also the biggest) and 19 inches long (shortest).
 The boys were ECSTATIC to meet her, even though they didn't see her with her eyes open for a couple of days and were worried she was never going to do it!

 Here is our attempt at a girly room....
 I included this picture because the hospital had a "nutrition room" which I found hilarious. It was designed for families that visit, but a nurse told my kids there was an all-you-can-drink soda machine and since we never drink soda, they were in heaven. I was not in heaven because it was literally across from my room, but if all they ate for 2 days was soda, so be it.
 Going home! Now we are a family of five!


Daddy/Mommy date nights

 Ryan and I have decided to try and start having mommy/daddy date nights with each of the boys. We started in August. Collin and Ryan went to one of the Bees baseball games.
 I'm not sure what Collin liked more the game or the huge thing of cotton candy Ryan bought for him. He talked about that cotton candy for a very long time.
 One of our cute neighbors is Miss Teen so she was at the game too so Collin went to visit her.
 Liam and I on the other hand (he was VERY distraught he couldn't go to the game) went to Leatherby's for our ice cream date. He got to choose the kind of ice cream.
 And he also wanted to do a million silly faces and have me take his picture.

More random summer 2014 pictures

 Finally we got around to putting most of Liam's stuff/clothes in their shared room. The baby coming finally made it happen. This must also have been recently after a haircut. The boys helped Ryan put the crib together.

 Hey, it is starting to look partially girly.
 Collin helped put the baby girl clothes in the dresser.
 Liam helped put his little dresser together.

 Superheroes unite!

 Building at the man store
 The snow cone stand that they made tons of money at :)
 Collin with his baseball trophy.
 He earned enough tickets on his birthday to earn a sword, yet another one.
 Collin helped design his birthday cake, candy mountain is what he called it.
 In the pumpkin patch, which went out of control. At one point more than 60 pumpkins had started growing.