Pumpkin patch

It's no secret that pumpkins are a big deal in our family. Well, just down the street from us is this little pumpkin patch I have been wanting to take Collin to, so after work we went as a family. Collin was in heaven wandring around the pumpkins and the "scary" things. He is OBSESSED with skeletons (their eyes especially) and witches and all things Halloween. It's pretty fun. We have a couple of houses on our street we visit every day to see all the tons of stuff they have up.
Collin liked this little sign.
He tried to lift several pumpkins..."heavy".
They also had a huge teepee you could go inside and see scarecrows. Collin kept running in and out of the teepee, he was a big fan.
He had so much fun we will definitely have to go back.
This spider was SCARY for Collin. He LOVED it. You know, him and all things scary, "big pider".

I fix it

Last weekend my parents were in town for the BYU game. My dad helped Ryan put in a new faucet (again), but this time Collin was ALL about helping. Who knows? Maybe he will be a plumber.
He just kept handing tools to Ryan and saying "I helping".
For a couple of days, Collin was all about wearing this "witch's hat". Don't ask me how he knows about witch's hats. Now the gummies that were inside, oh yes, he knows about those.
Collin LOVES the red spider at our house. It is "scary!"

October trip to Idaho

Our October trip to Idaho was fun. Collin was SO SO SO excited to play with Sadee and Ava and to go to 'packu's house" (grandpa's house). Seriously, the Friday we left, he could not stop saying packu's house, packu's house. While there, we got to give Ava her birthday present. She turned 5! WOW!
Just a cute picture of Ava and Collin.
While there, the girls were begging to take Collin and I to this "huge" park that had like 7 parks...finally during the conference priesthood session we got over there. Sadee posing.
Quite the model isn't she?
Collin, on the other hand, just loved to run around. He is all boy.
They had a little green slide that he loved because he could climb and go down all on his own, plus it was green.
"Mommy! Green slide!"
Of course a cheeser grin.
Then everyone had to roll down the hill. Before I knew it Collin had rushed up the stairs to roll down. Where he learned this? I don't know. It must be ingrained....
He seriously was laughing so hard while rolling down. It was too funny.

Fun pics of Collin

Yes, I never do posts on this blog as much as I want to. These were pictures we took of Collin about a month ago. He looked so big and grownup.
Especially with his long locks combed!