Irish names

So, people keep asking us what we are going to name Superbaby...I know still a ways away, but we haven't really had a chance to discuss names. Ryan really wants to carry on the "Irish" name tradition since his family all has Irish names, so I am just putting a feeler out there if anyone has any fun names or Irish names for Superbaby Ryan O'Berry (we are going to have his middle name be Ryan).


Easter in Idaho

Ryan and I traveled up to Idaho for Easter weekend with Jeff and Brianne, my brother and his wife. Going to Idaho always means playing with Sadee and Ava. There was an even cuter picture of Ava, but that didn't download. Sadee, aka "Nina" gave me a manicure, complete with lotion, cuticle pushing down (with a pen) and at least 10 layers of different nail color polish on my left versus right hand. It was awesome.
Ava, (right) loved to be "tickled" all during church (which basically means scratching her all over her body, but she keeps telling you "tickle, tickle!" in a very intense way. Also, the best was seeing them sing to the movie Enchanted, and Ava also ate all of her Easter Sunday dinner and she kept telling everyone "My dinner all gone" so she got to have treats. And Ryan invented the cutest song where he would sing "where's your dinner?" and she would sing back "It's in my tummy!" We got a video of it on our camera, but I'm not sure how to post those yet.

Either way, it was a very fun trip!


Stroller excitement

Ryan and I went and got Superbaby's stroller and car seat today. WAHOO! I know...we are still 19 weeks away from needing it, but I just so badly have been researching and trying to find something that is easy to manuever (for me who can't do that easily) and also the car seat weighs enough for me to carry okay (without the baby even in it, I am SO going to have to build bigger arm muscles!) which those two things are not easy to find. We looked for awhile at Babies R Us and finally got a Graco travel system (not at Babies R Us) Winnie the Pooh version (hoping that it will last us through all our kids and can be gender neutral if needed for the future).

I do have to say, buying our first of the many things Superbaby needs (and we have a LONG ways to go) was SO exciting! We also got our first cute little stuffed animal my two nieces Sadee and Ava gave Superbaby, a polar bear built from Build-A-Bear. It is SO cute! YEAH FOR BABIES!



Okay, what a slacker I am for not posting this until now. Today, Ryan and I went to see "SUPERBABY PRESENTS-a first run film" and it was NOT disappointing. I'm sure most of you know by now I'm pregnant, but today, we got to see the first pictures of Superbaby and he is PROUDLY (apparently, that one picture would NOT download) a boy. We are SO excited! I'm measuring perfectly, the baby is measuring perfectly, and we are due August 1st. My doctor was just concerned that I keep gaining weight, and hopefully soon I will be big enough to fit into maternity clothes.

Anyways, we are SOOOOOO excited for Superbaby!


I must have been doing something right

Okay... yes, I'm a slacker blogger now, but have to share a funny story with you. I'm sure it will be hard to get the whole picture in blog format, but I'll try.

Monday after work I stopped off at Wal-mart to get Oreos since for our FHE activity, Ryan (past Dairy Queen employee of many moons ago) was going to make us homemade Oreo shakes. In the process of driving home, I went to take the bag into our house, and realized my purse wasn't there... needless to say, I totally panicked, drove back to Wal-mart and asked if anyone had found a purse that I may have left at the register....

No... no purse had been turned in. So, drove back home. Since my purse had both my work and personal cell phones in it, I ran over to our nice neighbors to borrow their phone to at least stop my credit card and debit card. Then ran back home, said many prayers, and started boiling water for something for dinner. Soon after this, Cade (a 15-year-old neighbor across the street) came over to tell me Anita had called and they found my phone at Wal-mart. WAHOO I shouted right at home, then asked if I could come over to his house to use his phone to call Wal-mart. I asked for an Anita at Wal-mart and said I had received a call from a neighbor they found my phone. No...they asked all around, but then no one had found it. I was so confused, so Cade checked his caller ID and said it said Anita from ARC blood services...which I then realized it was my coworker and dear friend Anita calling me from her office in Orem. Ryan by this time was home and so confused by all the hubbabaloo and I used his phone to call Anita.

The short end of a long story is that Anita, bless her soul, had been calling around to everyone I work with, including my director, and also looking up neighbors online to try and leave them messages (Alisa, some of your neighbors don't know you, that is NOT GOOD!) because a lovely Spanish-only speaking woman had found my purse in the Wal-mart parking lot and refused to take it back into Wal-mart. Neither Anita nor my director could get her to go back inside, so finally they called another coworker of mine to go and pick it up from Isabella.... and she brought it to work the next day.

I MUST have been living something right in my life to have my purse found. And even though no one could communicate with Isabella, I can't WAIT to call and thank my personal friend to my purse in Spanish (I'm seriously the only one at my office that even knows a lick of Spanish, pathetic I know!)

Anyways, it was quite a saga...but we did end up eating the homemade Ryan milkshakes, and they were WAY YUMMY!