Man store pics

 Now that Liam is officially old enough to go to the man store activities (and wield a hammer, look at that guy!), last month we invited some of our cousins along.
 I like this picture of all 4 boys :)
 This was also the day of the infamous fall on the hearth incident so he has his massive bandaid that encompasses his huge forehead :)

 And there was a racetrack to race your finished car!

Liam's an artist

 One morning during mommy school (what Liam and I do while Collin is at preschool) he wanted to go out at 845 am and color sidewalk chalk. He was very, very intent about where he wanted to do it.
 He sat about here for about half an hour, just quietly changing colors. It was really cute to watch.
I felt bad his renderings didn't last longer :)

What we do in our free time

 So, we were going to have friends come over and play one afternoon.... this is what the boys did to "get all ready to wait for them" and they were like this for 30 minutes before they came over. Dragged their blankets and pillows and laid down to wait.

 Then when the friends came over, we had a huge outdoor picnic.

 Collin's friend Tessa and Collin really had an imagination going on with the picnic. Too funny.
Oh, and this isn't even complete, but Collin's new favorite way of dressing? His footie pajamas, tighter bottom pjs on the top and boots. This "ensemble" is numerous costumes. Usually we have a sword and a hat and a bow and arrow as well, but apparently not in this picture. Seriously.....it is quite funny if he weren't so serious about it.


Liam gets "stitches" I mean "glue"

 So, ever since we moved into our house, I have known it was only a matter of time until someone fell and cracked a forehead on the fireplace/hearth. Especially since I did that exact same thing when I was little. So, beginning of February was finally the time. I actually can't believe we lasted that long really. Liam was going after a balloon and crack. Ryan was there (good thing he is always there when our boys fall and crack heads because I can't handle the initial bleeding/goosegg/looking) and so after he cleaned it up we were going to go to the ER for stitches, but our friend told us the Instacare does that and they are cheaper. So we all went as a family and Liam loved that he got to watch cartoons while we waited.
 We got some numbing medicine that made the cut look lots worse than it really was.....
 And then after the doctors told us we go to choose between stitches and glue (what? How are we supposed to know? ) we chose glue since that meant we didn't have to return to get the stitches out..... he got glued up.
Really, it's a good thing this happened to Liam and not Collin. He was one brave kid. Collin was near the side of the room asking me all the time if it was hurting Liam, is he bleeding mom, etc. Let's hope Collin doesn't have an experience like that too soon. He isn't quite as brave in Liam in pain threshold. But, the glue has long since fallen off and he still has a little mark that will hopefully heal up as more time goes on. Otherwise, he can just have a cool Harry Potter scar like me :)

Liam turns 3

 We had gone to the fun Play Place in Park City and the ice castles on Saturday, and Sunday, was more low key. Liam requested a Tigress cake (he had just seen Kung Fu Panta 2 the night before with his cousins) so I truly attempted it, and Liam thought it looked great. Really, it looked terrible, but it tasted good.
 He loved opening all his presents.

 And a few days after his birthday, the snow melted enough that the lawnmowers came out. Seriously, good investment Grandma made in those lawnmowers.

 Random playtime pictures I guess :)

Ice Castles in Midway

 As part of Liam's birthday celebration, we went with Sadee and Ava and Grandma and Grandpa to the ice castles in Midway. It was really fun.

 It was especially cool when we got to go in little mazes.

 Liam kept wanting to break out the icicles....

 A little crawl space!

 Even though we haven't seen Frozen, we know who Olaf was :)

 I really liked the blue ice part.

More birthday post celebrations to come!


January 2014 first half

 We took our cousin Kyle with us to the man store in January. That was fun. Wow.... I had forgotten my boys got haircuts the last week in December. Their hair is short!

 Liam had special time with Daddy and they built a space ship.
 Then the space ship got larger.
 Our O'Berry cousins gave us passes to Jungle Jim's a super fun playland/ride place so one day we went there for the afternoon. The boys love it.

 And we all got to eat pizza there!