Church days

 This was Liam's first time wearing a tie like his big brother. Can you tell he was excited?
 This was church today.... we went to Baby Janessa's baby blessing and it was so cold outside we got to wear sweaters.
 Liam looked so different with his short hair. Seriously..... he is a different boy....but still the same in many ways. I love the above picture with the little mischief look.

Liam's first real haircut

 So....I'm sure you all know by now that I have had a very hard time cutting Liam's hair.... for many reasons, I just couldn't part with the babyhood, the curlies, the many things.... plus this crazy haired face.... but this week I finally thought I could do it and give Liam a little boy haircut.
 So we took him to Supercuts and he was excited. Can't you tell?
 He liked sitting on this chair until she put the cape on him. Then I had to sit on the chair.
 He actually did MUCH better than Collin's first haircut...thanks to the several suckers he got, which he never gets.
 Insert blurry picture after here.
 Yes... he was NOT letting go of those suckers.... and after....
He looks SO different I practically don't recognize him. He is definitely a little boy now, and I still miss the long curly hair....but it's nice to snuzzle his neck and not eat hair. Yeah for Liam's first haircut....

The first big snow of the season

 Thursday this past week hit 70 degrees and I was debating about breaking out Collin's shorts again. Friday, we got 5 inches of snow. My kids were DYING to go out and play in it.
 This is Liam's first real "play out in the snow" year since he was too little for it last year. He was in HEAVEN! I love how it takes 30 minutes to get everyone ready for 10 minutes of snow play.
 Liam mostly just wanted to sit in the water for awhile.
 Then he saw Collin and did NOT want to come in. Ever since then, he gets SO mad if Collin gets to go out and he doesn't.

 I built the first snowman of the year.... the second level was a bit heavy.... I should have made him smaller. It snowed about the same amount on Saturday, but the snowman is still standing.
I'm sure we will have many more snow days....and Liam will learn to keep his gloves on...ha ha.

Turkeys and the magical thankful tree

 Because we have longer days with cooler temperates, we have to think of more things to do indoors.

 Earlier this weeek we made little toilet paper turkeys.
 Collin drew his face all by himself. Liam LOVED coloring his little face on his. He loves to color, when he is not eating the crayons.

The "turkey" gets to put leaves that we write things we are thankful on on the magical thankful tree. He does this when we are sleeping. He is magically able to put the leaves on. This was before we put any things on. It is looking much more colorful these days. We have LOTS to be thankful for!


Meeting Magellan the turkey

 I got out our couple of turkeys for decor this week. Liam LOVES this turkey and hauls it around everywhere.
 We got to go and see a real live turkey at the library yesterday. Magellan. Liam was OBSESSED with this turkey. And we made a little craft turkey.

This is one of the cutest pictures of both boys smiling in a long time. We found our sit n stand stroller from Kathleen. BIG hit with the boys. Happy November everyone!

The Pumpkin bash

 November 1st the boys bash the pumpkins and got to throw the pumpkins in the patch and make it compost.
 Then we get to hit them with sticks.

 What more could little and big boys ask for? Throwing and hitting things? Awesome. Plus, it was GORGEOUS weather.....
Look at all that great compost.

Halloween Night 2012

 Usually I only let the boys go to a few houses, but we went to a few more this time.
 They got plenty of candy, and one nice lady in our ward gave out donuts!
 Every Halloween we walk down the street to the "witch"s house and visit her house. She has it SO cutely decorated outside. My boys love it. We took a picture Halloween night both with the real witch and the witch who loses her head.
Ryan rigged up an old TV so we could watch the great pumpkin charlie brown in between answering the door. Ahh... the memories this makes of my dad when I was little. He always moved our TV into the living room to watch scary movies while handing out candy. Yeah for Halloween!

Halloween Preschool parade and church party

 Collin had two Halloween parties in the same day! Preschool party, he got to be the line leader in the parade.
 There is a funny story about the not wearing the hat that I won't elongate here, but needless to say it involved me sweating running back home to get the hat only to not have him wear it and still have his jacket on. Lovely.
 It was fun remembering all the costume parades I have been in during school back in the day.
 The church party was fun. Another donut game.
 Nora is our little friend. She is a few months younger than Liam, but she was super cute. Collin was excited to get his picture taken by her.
 This picture made me laugh. Liam watching all of the cheerleaders dance.
Ryan got to tell a fun Halloween story at the end of the party. He was a great storyteller.

Barnhisel party

 So we always have a ton of fun at the Barnhisel family party. This year was extra fun. There was a pinata.
 Liam was a cute little giraffe, thanks to my friend that lent us a costume.
 The Doctor (Dr. Who), a witch, a firefighter, and giraffe

 Liam loved playing in the bin, but kept getting his fingers stuck.
 The donut game is a hit every year.
 Finally something Liam can hit to his heart's desire!
 Having treats inside.
Thanks Barnhisels!