Sunday pictures

 This past Sunday I finally broke out this super cute shirt my sister gave Collin like 2 years ago. Since we have a problem growing in our family, it has only taken 2 years to fit into it. It's still slightly big.
 This picture below made me laugh so hard. Collin has quite the pose...... but I thought it was a cute picture. Especially since he is holding his vampire flashlight.

 Pretty cute one of Liam too. Man I should comb their hair more often.....
 Sunday afternoon we spent practicing a play we found in the June friend of King Lamoni and Ammon. Collin LOVES playing King Lamoni. I think because he gets to wear a crown.
Liam had a hard time with his roles, he mostly ran around. I was very versatile and played the queen, a servant, the narrator. We were excited when we put it on for FHE and Daddy could play Ammon.

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