Sadee and Ava visit Day 1 Frog House and Shark pools

 Last week, Collin and Liam found a new love. Building "a frog house" is what Collin called it, right there in our gutter. Collin even got on his worker clothes to build it. It was a serious matter. They spent an hour out there getting everything organized, a bed, etc.
 Sadee and Ava came to visit, and Collin was DYING to show them the frog house. They totally got into it. The frog had a toilet, a remote, a newspaper, it was great.
 The shark before he started eating them.
 The shark is attacking.
 The more elaborate frog house. If you look close you can see the frog.

 Totally had a grandma moment. When I was little, my grandma used to go inside her house to fill up a pitcher with "hot" water for the swimming pool so the water would be warm. I actually filled up this green watering can at least 5 times for this little "hot" pool. My grandma would have been proud.
 The shark pool was the cold pool. They had to spend so much time in that before you could go to the hot pool.

I love this picture that they are all trying to fit in this little $1 yard sale pool. Hooray for hot pools!

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