Sadee and Ava visit the zoo with us

 Thanks to our SUPER nice neighbor that can get a ton of people in just for paying his gas to drive to the zoo, last week, Sadee and Ava got to visit our favorite place, the zoo.
 It was different going to the zoo with them, and we didn't stay nearly as long as we normally do, but it was so fun to see Collin and Liam be so excited to share their favorite parts.
 The best was when they said, wow, you guys have a huge zoo, and tons of new animals.

 Had to show them the bald eagle nest and the tunnel log.

 The polar bear was swimming, so they thought that was awesome how she came right up to the glass. If you haven't seen it, it's awesome.

 These cool drummers put on a show before the elephant show.

 And of course had to show them the bird show.
 Grandma got everybody tickets to ride the carousel for the first time ever for my boys, big hit there. I didn't get a picture of Collin riding the bald eagle, but thank GOODNESS it was available or Collin may have had a meltdown.

Thanks for coming to our favorite place with us girls!

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