Cousin Grant visit

 Last weekend, we picked up cousin Grant from EFY and he got to hang out with us all day. He was SUCH a good sport, and my boys are IN LOVE with him. Seriously, can't tell you how many times Collin said, "What do you want to have Grant?" He and Ryan took the boys to the Taylorsville Parade where they got FAR too much candy.
 To help him survive 105 degree heat with just a swamp cooler, we took him to super air conditioned Cafe Rio for lunch.
 We played outside with the flower sprinkler.

 LOVE this picture. Collin grabbed Liam's hand and said "Let's go Liam!" It was a tender moment for a mommy.
 We FINALLY got to get out the shark pool my sister gave the boys for Christmas. It was a huge hit.

 Then we needed more air conditioning so we went to a "play place" as Liam calls it, Arctic Circle and played on the equipment and got dinner and ice cream.
 Thanks SO much for playing with us Cousin Grant! The boys miss you already!

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