Day 2 visit-Jungle Jim's

 I know....what follows is a zillion pictures of rides.....but this place was so fun! For my vote above Hollywood Connection, because the air conditioning worked, Liam could ride all the rides, and it was lighter and cleaner.
 The best part? Sadee helped Liam get on all the rides and Ava helped Collin, so I got to relax more! WAHOO! Swings never get old. They rode on these about 10 million times.
 Jungle Jim's is definitely built for littler kids, but Sadee and Ava still had a great time.

 This carousel ride was a favorite because it went faster the girls told me. Not sure what that meant, but it was different than a normal one.

 I thought we would stay here just a couple hours, no, try 5-6 hours. Yes, and they still didn't want to leave. And after about 4pm, there were hardly ANY kids there..... so no waits on the rides. There was very little waits before. I asked the workers about that, she said the winter is CRAZY there.

 Riding jungle safari cars.

 With our discount passes, we also got a slice of dessert pizza at the place next door. Perfect snack. Sadee got normal pizza.

 Ava was the only one brave enough to ride the roller coaster. Until I rode with Liam. That kid....seriously, no fear. He LOVED it. Had my tummy been stronger, he would have ridden it tons, but it went a little too fast for Ava to handle Liam on the ride, so I had to be the rider.
 And unlike Hollywood Connection, Liam got to ride the bumper cars! WAHOO!

 They had a huge soft toy area as well.
 Definitely need to visit this place again. Very fun.

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