Planet Play and ice cream

 The new thing? Building a fire pit on the front sidewalk.
 We went to lunch at the park a couple days. One day Grandma treated everyone to Burger King ice cream cones. Big hit that ice cream.

 That afternoon/evening, we went to a place called Planet Play, which is now All Star Lanes. They had a pizza buffet, and then we got so much money to play games and ride rides and do arcades.
 The itty bitty cars were fun to ride, though they were more for like 1-2 year olds.

 They had mini bowling, mini golf (cool light up in the dark course) that was really cute, laser tag, and bumper cars. The girls and Ryan and Collin played 2 rounds of laser tag. They thought that was awesome.

 The arcade games were fun too. They even had little games that Liam could play. He loved pushing down these Batman enemies. What a fun week!

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