Another zoo visit

 Since Ryan randomly got the 5th of July off for a holiday (some random bloody Thursday thing from 1930something), we went to the zoo. People always laugh when they tell me a zoo pass is great, because they only have to stay an hour. Doesn't matter to my kids. We stay 3-4 hours every time, even if we go every week. We watched the waterfall waiting for the zoo to open.
 Played and tried to push the big black ball.

 Mean gorilla here.
 Happy gorilla here.

 Pretending we are seals hunting here.

 The bird show is a FAVORITE of the boys. We had lower seats this time since Ryan was there, so it was  a totally different experience. Fun to have the birds really fly over our heads.

 When we stopped and ate lunch, a squirrel tried to join us. That was fun for the boys.

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