Hollywood Connection

 After the zoo, we went to Hollywood Connection. We took the girls there last summer and they have remembered and talked about it for A YEAR. Thanks to discount passes we got to go again.
 Another carousel. We love those things.

 It was slightly chaotic in there, and the air conditioning wasn't working great (read middle school kid bodies sweating tons), so it was somewhat challenging keeping track of Liam. This is not a surprise, just challenging, but he loved this little play place that kept him contained. He couldn't ride on some of the rides.
 Playing around in the arcades.

 This year, Collin was big enough to go on the bumper cars. That as a huge hit. Liam had a meltdown since he couldn't go. Sorry Liam, grow and you can :)

This is such a classic Collin face. Charge at 'em!

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