Booksneeze/Thomas Nelson Review Pups of the Spirit

I am always on the lookout for cute, tender stories to read to my two little boys. They love anything with animals and this book didn’t disappoint. The rhyming and structure is perfect for little ones’ ears. The illustrations are fun and exciting, which is a must for little boys.
I, as a mother, especially loved the different qualities displayed by the dogs. This book gave my boys and I a chance to discuss, in simple terms, what different qualities of the spirit are and how we can choose to become those types of people in our own lives.

My boys will read this book over and over. This is partly because of the fun rhyming, part due to fun illustrations, but I especially love the messages that the dogs teach of fruits of the spirit. There don’t seem to be as many little kid picture books out there that lend themselves to fruits of the spirit discussions, so this is a great book to add to our collection. I especially want to start bringing it to church or have it as a special book to read on Sundays. I appreciate the author’s efforts to help find good books for children. Good choice!

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