Booksneeze/Thomas Nelson review The Sinner's Garden

The title of this book intrigued me alone. I am always excited to see how titles “play” into books and this book was no different. That being said, this book wasn’t quite as good as I was expecting. I appreciated so much the power that God can have in our personal lives and the evidence that was shown in the character’s lives through the garden. Yet, some of the characters still didn’t reach out to me as much.
I admit it was a surprise that Rip ended up being the Secret Santa. I admit I had hopes that Rip would make it to the garden to heal. The most touching character was that of Andy himself. The first chapter and prologue where he received the hot water poured on him made me feel so much empathy for him. I didn’t feel the same empathy and connection to his mom (even though she had gone through abuse too), and I really didn’t connect with Heather.

Overall, the writing style was somewhat disjointed, but the theme was touching. I do believe in my personal life when we allow God in, He can work miracles, and that was definitely shown in the story. It just missed some connections with me. Could recommend to others, but not sure I would do it with full excitement. 

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