Liam gets "stitches" I mean "glue"

 So, ever since we moved into our house, I have known it was only a matter of time until someone fell and cracked a forehead on the fireplace/hearth. Especially since I did that exact same thing when I was little. So, beginning of February was finally the time. I actually can't believe we lasted that long really. Liam was going after a balloon and crack. Ryan was there (good thing he is always there when our boys fall and crack heads because I can't handle the initial bleeding/goosegg/looking) and so after he cleaned it up we were going to go to the ER for stitches, but our friend told us the Instacare does that and they are cheaper. So we all went as a family and Liam loved that he got to watch cartoons while we waited.
 We got some numbing medicine that made the cut look lots worse than it really was.....
 And then after the doctors told us we go to choose between stitches and glue (what? How are we supposed to know? ) we chose glue since that meant we didn't have to return to get the stitches out..... he got glued up.
Really, it's a good thing this happened to Liam and not Collin. He was one brave kid. Collin was near the side of the room asking me all the time if it was hurting Liam, is he bleeding mom, etc. Let's hope Collin doesn't have an experience like that too soon. He isn't quite as brave in Liam in pain threshold. But, the glue has long since fallen off and he still has a little mark that will hopefully heal up as more time goes on. Otherwise, he can just have a cool Harry Potter scar like me :)

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