December 2013 part 1

 All the O'Berry boys (Ryan included) were SO excited to put up the Christmas decor.
 These are some ornaments one of Ryan's friends sent to us, she made them. One talented lady.
 The upstairs tree.
 This Santa in the potty is the "favorite" thing to put up of the boys. I find it hilarious. They think it's so funny. What's even more funny is I have had this decoration for YEARS!
 The boys often wanted to play Santa.....
 And we had a little elf that was found in all kinds of places each morning!
 This is how Liam came downstairs dressed one morning. He has got serious style.
 Liam got to go to the man store in December. We all went as a family. He LOVED it. Can you see the intense painting he is doing?

 We need a 10th layer mom.
 Collin went and talked to Santa this time. He is getting braver.
 Then we all went to the Festival of Trees. That was fun. The boys loved all the trees. We didn't last too long, but the Narnia tree was a hit, especially for Ryan.
And we did grill in December too!

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