December 2013 part 3

 I have loved seeing Collin grow in preschool this year. It has made me once again just be so glad that we didn't send him to kindergarten. I have especially loved the preschool he is in this year because they SING! TONS of fun songs! I loved that about Collin's first year preschool too. This was a little program they put on for Christmas at the mall. Yep, became one of those moms. Doesn't he look so handsome?

 It was so dang funny to watch. Every song had tons of fun actions. Loved it.
 We also played in the snow every chance we got.
 We finally made a gingerbread house. No, didn't make the gingerbread, but we decorated it.

 Opening matching pajamas.

Apparently, the picture of the finished gingerbread house (that lasted not too long with little boys that love candy) comes at the end :)

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