November 2013 in summary

 So.... my camera is not working flashwise, so the only pictures that work that I remember to take have to be outside, so I have slacked. We finally got some pics downloaded from Ryan's phone, and I'm now finally trying to catch up on journaling/blog time since Ryan is working nights this month. This little turkey in the above picture, holy cow, Liam's best friend the whole month of December.
 The thankful tree on the first day. Every day (we somewhat slacked this year) we would say things we were thankful for and put them on the tree. It is still up as of today (March 11, 2014).

 These are just cute pictures of Collin at the "blue man store" building with Ryan.

 The tree is getting more thankful.

 I just really liked these pictures, especially the one of Ryan and Liam.

 This year I made these little treat turkeys. Holy cow were they a hit, despite the frosting turning out more red than pink. I think I made them for a family home evening treat. Will have to do those again.

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