What we do in our free time

 So, we were going to have friends come over and play one afternoon.... this is what the boys did to "get all ready to wait for them" and they were like this for 30 minutes before they came over. Dragged their blankets and pillows and laid down to wait.

 Then when the friends came over, we had a huge outdoor picnic.

 Collin's friend Tessa and Collin really had an imagination going on with the picnic. Too funny.
Oh, and this isn't even complete, but Collin's new favorite way of dressing? His footie pajamas, tighter bottom pjs on the top and boots. This "ensemble" is numerous costumes. Usually we have a sword and a hat and a bow and arrow as well, but apparently not in this picture. Seriously.....it is quite funny if he weren't so serious about it.

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