Thomas Nelson review Redemption

I really enjoyed this book. I had not heard of Bryan Clay before this book but I admire how many times (and this may be true with many athletes) in not quitting during competition. I especially liked the times when he was in the very hardest parts of his competition and he “turned it over to God” in that he was going to do his best and God would do the rest.

Having come from a rough childhood, I was amazed that little by little God helped turn Clay’s heart into something that could work for something more. Though he started doing events and partying without God’s help, eventually he realized that God had a higher plan. I loved that even though Clay turned his life over to God in his athletic competitions, he didn’t ever stop preparing or planning himself. I find this to be true in many things in my life.

I also enjoyed how his wife Sarah made such an impression on him to be and do good, as well as his children once he had children. It was especially tender the note he got from his little boy that “he runs really fast”. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a little help in moving their life higher.

Not knowing much about the decathlon, those parts were also very interesting.


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