Fort Ryan and snow ice cream

 A couple of weeks ago, we got a huge snowstorm and Collin of COURSE had to go out and help shovel.
 I finally let Liam go outside, and he was in HEAVEN. I think he loves the snow even more than Collin if that is possible. He did NOT want to come in.

 Ryan was so nice and built a huge fort complete with tunnel and slide.

 The boys have LOVED playing on it. Since we built it, we have been in a deep gross inversion freeze, so we haven't been able to play on it quite as much, but it hasn't gone anywhere. Now, it's just frozen fort.

 We also made snow ice cream the day it snowed. It was pretty tasty for being basically free.
 Collin added red, white and blue sprinkles....
 Here's to hoping it warms up soon so we can go out and play in the snow more!

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