November 2012 trip to zoo

 The boys LOVE the zoo. The same week free day was at the aquarium, free day was at the zoo! We love the monkeys when you first get there.
 When we got to the elephants, the trainers were out and got the elephants to do tons of tricks for about 20 minutes. It was awesome!
 Several times they stood on their hind legs and played catch, It was really, really cool.
 Collin loves the statues of the animals at the zoo. Lately, he LOVES to pretend he is an animal or an animal trainer.
 First time seeing the polar bear. It kept coming up right in front of us. It was really fun to see it swim under water.

We LOVE the zoo...and thanks to Grandpa O'Berry, we have a zoo pass for next year. We will be going LOTS more.

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