Liam turns two!

 My parents came down for the day and we really went going and going to celebrate Liam turning two. We originally were going to go swimming, but Liam was kind of sick, so we opted for another option.
 Riding Trax is always a big hit with the boys.
 We went to the LDS Museum of History. They have a fun BOM section upstairs specifically designed for kids. Fishing was a big hit.

 As was the truck of course.

 We also went over to City Creek and watched the fountains.
 And got a yummy treat.
 We opted for a Snake cake for Liam this year. Ryan decorated it and I thought it turned out great. The spots and teeth and eyes were the first to go.
 This remote controlled fire engine from Grandma.....need we say more?

 Collin, understandably, had a hard time with not opening presents, so eventually he got to help Liam. He kept saying "I'm not going to let Liam open my presents on my birthday!" Poor Collin. It's hard being the non-birthday sibling sometimes.

 Liam even mostly blew (not much spit) his own candles. The cake was yummy and it was a busy fun day!
Liam, we are so happy you are here. You are already one CRAZY two-year-old, which I guess was to be expected :) We love you!

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