Ornaments and Santa

 Liam LOVES Collin's bed.... when we first moved him to the toddler bed, when he woke up sometimes at night, we would find him in Collin's bed. Somehow he found his way in there in the dark. It was cute.
 The ornaments on our tree...stayed on for about 2 hours...then I got tired of chasing them around the house, so we took them off and I let Collin and Liam paint some 'safe' ornaments, aka cardboard letters of our names.
 The first Saturday in December, Santa was at the man store! WAHOO! I braved it and took both boys by myself and it was the first time Collin was brave enough to sit on Santa's lap. Maybe because he was at the man store...
 Liam wouldn't get anywhere NEAR Santa's lap, but he LOVED his candy cane. My boys are addicted to candy canes.

 Putting the ornaments on the tree and making more.

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