More Dec 2012 advent calendar pictures

 One night the advent calendar said to have family movie night with popcorn...granted I just realized this was a different picture, but family movie nights are big hits.
 Liam hanging out and about....
 The pictures are upside down, but we made a popsicle stick nativity play. One morning Collin and I made these, he drew the faces, and we did the play about a zillion times. Collin knows the story of the birth of baby Jesus VERY well.
 Making some popsicle stick snowflake ornaments for the tree...

 One night the advent said we got to go and get ice cream! WAHOO! See how much ice cream Collin got? He was a fan.
 Liam also loved the ice cream.

 One of the best things at the beginning of December was dancing around at night to our neighbor's dancing lights. One night the boys danced for about 20 minutes. Then it got too cold later in December, but they LOVED neighbor's lights.
 We made a felt Christmas tree.
 More dancing next door.
 The decorated felt tree.
One day the boys got to open a present early! Matching pjs. BIG hit... especially opening a present early. We did lots of other fun things in December with our advent calendar. I have always loved advent calendars and Collin, especially, does too!

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