Christmas Day 2012

 Somehow blogger lately is putting the posts totally out of order.... here was opening the books that Santa left at the foot of everyone's beds! Yeah for new books!

 Opening stockings. Liam seriously hates clothes. We have far too many pictures of no-clothed-Liam. Here are some new shoes in Liam's stockings. Liam LOVES his racer shoes!
 Collin's highlight was his own gum!

 Ryan got chocolate.
 Going out to see what Santa brought!
 Liam ran around most of the day in his transformer costume. It fits him perfectly and he has big muscles :)

 Grandma gave the boys Star Wars slippers.
 Cinnamon roll breakfast break.

 Man we got lots of fun things!

 Grandpa got a jelly bean jar. That was a BIG hit for all the kids.

 What a fun Christmas!

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